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Where Heart Attacks Happen

Chuck - Red's Army April 28, 2009 Uncategorized 38 Comments on Where Heart Attacks Happen


Chicago – we'd like to introduce you to Paul Pierce (26 pts, 7 reb) the NBA Finals MVP. (We'll excuse you for missing that 1st free throw with 2 seconds left).

Credit to the Bulls, they nearly forced a 2nd OT. Fortunately, Brad Miller choked – on his blood.

I'll admit it, I quit on this team when they fell behind by 11 in the fourth. They had no rhythm on offense. The Bulls were trapping Pierce and once he got rid of the ball, the Celtics were unable to swing it to the open man and even when they did – they missed shots. But some how, some way they clawed back into this game.

I'm not sure why the Bulls quit trapping Pierce late in the 4th and in OT. They abandoned what had worked for most of the game. And the Truth killed them for it. He abused Salmons for 6 points in OT including the game winner with :03 left.

Now to the real hero – Kendrick Perkins. 16 points, 19 rebounds, 7 blocks and 0 fouls. Yes – ZERO fouls in 45 minutes. Words cannot describe the effort Perk put forth in this game.

Rondo was….Rondo. 28 points, 11 assists, 8 rebounds.

This might be the best playoff series ever played.

More to come….

Box Score | Recap

"Terrible call….that referee should be fined $25,000." – Tommy Heinsohn after Ray Allen fouled out.

Some photos from the game…after the jump.





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  • AMP

    MVP…Tommy Heinsohn!

  • zauer

    title of this post tells everything, you’re great BigMck. Tony Allen may looks like human being but he has no brain or at least no ability to learn things, maybe he’s the missing element. Ok no idea what i’m writing, Get this guy out of this team

  • This series will take its toll on us. We’re on the 4th overtime in 5 games, we can’t afford things like this in the precarious physical shape we’re now. PP is clutch as he’s ever been, he puts tons of crucial shots like he did this game, but he looks like he’s playing the 300th game of the year, he looks exhausted. Rondo is playing on a mild injury… and we don’t want it to become a big injury. Plus, we can’t afford losing other guys.
    We had the chance to close this way earlier, and instead we’re back to Chicago. Why? My points are
    -we’re being completely dominated by the Bulls in the paint. One would think Perk would eat Noah alive… think again, Noah took 6 rebounds in our paint, and they took almost the double of our OR today (14 to 8). I’m concerned, what will happen when real centers will come to Boston?
    -Perimeter defence: how many times did the Bulls had an open shooter on the perimeter? Kirk Hinrich was good today, but how many times was he left open to shoot? Same for Ben Gordon, same for John Salmons. We can’t let them drain all those 3s so easily.
    -Bench: where are you guys? Apart from Marbury in game 3, the bench was nowhere to be seen. I’ve seen Marbury not shooting even if he was open, Mikki play as bad as he can (we knew it was no PJ Brown, but we didn’t think to sign a walking zombie), Eddie House not at his best, Tony Allen do bad things and go MIA. At least Scal puts in some intensity, damnit. They have Miller and Hinrich coming from the bench and killing us, we are forced to play big minutes withe the starting 5. And that’s REALLY bad.
    -refs: they are awful as always.
    -questionable choices: not fouling Gordon last Sunday for example.
    I think that if we don’t do something immediately, our run is going to end much earlier than expected.

  • DRJ

    Absolutely HATED this game. We probably deserved to lose. Even though (a) the refs once again screwed us with those Ray Allen fouls, and (b) the Bulls got VERY lucky, AGAIN, with all those friendly bounces and wild shots that somehow fall… Still, we sucked, and that’s the truth.
    – The exceptions – Rondo, Perk, Baby. Rondo is spectacular, easily the best player on the floor. Perk doing his job, as always. Baby playing well.
    – Paul – played like crap for 42 minutes, great for the last 11. WTF? He says afterwards “I just felt like I had to bring it”… EXCUSE me? How about bringing it for a WHOLE GAME for a change, Pauley.
    – Stephon – friggin’ useless. Sick of this guy.
    – Eddie – AWOL.
    – Tony Allen – THE stupidest player on the planet.
    – Doc Rivers – the insanest coach on the planet… for playing TA in the final minutes of a critical playoff game. Really, it’s beyond belief.
    After a game like this, you gotta wonder which other teams we can really beat. I don’t know…

  • Geez….an awful lot of negativity around here.
    Yes…the defense is lacking. And the bench has been terrible. But the Celtics are winning (barley) while playing like crap. There’s plenty of room for improvement.

  • DRJ

    There’s been “room for improvement” in every game save one. All that “room” plus 50 cents gets you a cup of coffee (20 years ago). Hello! Wake up Cs. We’re in the PLAYOFFS.

  • DRJ

    Btw… loved that shot of Doc clutching his chest at the end. Try to get THAT shot if you can…

  • AMP

    The worst enemy for a talented, veteran team…an eager, young team. We will win this series, but I think it says less that we are struggling now, then if we struggle against the cavs, lakers, etc. I am glad this series is so hard. Keep it fresh for the vets, and then we’ll be sharper going forward.

  • For all the negativity how great was it for a team as decimated as this one is to reach down deep and pull this one out? Lousy game great, great win.

  • AMP

    By the way, you all know more then me, so I ask, is it really good that perk had zero fouls???

  • WestCoastCelt

    LOVED Perk’s D performance, but there’s NO CHANCE he didn’t commit a foul in all those minutes. Just another indictment of NBA officiating.


    I agree it was a lousy game but a great win.
    Ray Allen fouling out was a joke, perk doesnt get a foul, but they foul ray out for breathing? um ok…
    The starters were phenomanal, pierce didnt play great for most of the game, but he clearly showed his heart to win this game and made some big shots.
    rondo is awesome.
    perk is a beast
    baby was a man
    pierce was clutch
    the bench sucked…HELLO BENCH….SHOW UP

  • Eddie is the only bench guy I expect more from. Stephon is still very very rusty. Mikki Moore is so bad, he didn’t seen any action. And can you really blame TA for some of those fouls after he comes in ice cold?

  • Sal

    This is a HUGE story that the Celtics will probably be pushed to a Game 7 by a young, hungry team in the first round. It’s an indictment of their age and inability to finish that will no doubt keep them from winning the NBA title. Seriously, name me one veteran team that struggled in the first round against a young team and then got anywhere. Name one.
    What’s that? This team last year? Oh.

  • NineSevenEight

    You just knew the officials were going to be the story of the game after Tyrus Thomas missed a layup while brushing Scal’s shoulder as he stood as still as a stone outside of the circle ready to take a charge and instead got called for a blocking foul two minutes into the game. Very reminiscent of the Nowitski elbow to the chin called for a blocking foul that resulted in one of the many concussions.
    There were bad calls on both sides but the last two on Ray were egregious.Ray fouling out? Really? Brad Miller laughing after a BS call on Ray…it’s called Karma and it bit him in the ass in the end. The refs took out their aggression on Ray as opposed to the usual on Perk. Zero fouls for Perk is ridiculous and we all know it. But they all went to Ray so maybe it balanced out cuz Ray doesn’t really foul unless he has to. A Celtic fouls out every game of this series guaranteed. Paul Pierce will be knocked out in the next episode of the NBA playoffs.
    In Chicago they call nothing but in Boston they call everything.
    BTW has anyone seen players going to the line for 3 FT’s as many times as we have this series?

  • WestCoastCelt

    Not that I don’t like the encouragement, but there are some major differences.
    The Celts were in their first year in this configuration and they waltzed thru the regular season. They barely got challenged, then the Hawks played their A++ game in three road contests. The adversity helped them later rather than having to face their first adversity in the ECF or Finals. They also had a better deeper bench, didn’t play 20 minutes of OT, rested more going into the playoffs and, oh yeah, had KG. They were also the consensus best of the East, so even when they got the ECF, they were playing an inferior team.
    This year, the Celts have been taking 82 best shots, with a worse, thinner bench and 24 games without KG. Not rested going in, without KG, getting more worn down with each game. At least in the Hawks series, they blew them out in Boston and lost close ones in Atlanta. Four of the five games have been as close as possible. If they get to the ECF, they’ll be facing a superior team that’s rested and has HCA.
    Yeah, it can be done, but the path isn’t the same at all this year.

  • clumsy

    Hey we won!!! No matter how ugly it was, a W is still a W..we were supposed to lose this after falling by 11 in the 4th yet we won. Gutsy effort by the C’s!!
    memo to brad: NBA Playoffs: Where choking happens!!

  • In all honesty perk put up these numbers without the team thinking of him as an actual option once. Him and Rondo have been the most consistent players of this series.

  • DRJ

    The refs sucked, of course. But we got a lot of homer calls too. When that happens, we all think “ok, that makes up for those other times we got screwed. fair is fair.” But is that any way to play a game? I hate when we get homer calls just a little less than when the other side gets them. All we want, all we ask for… is clean, correct, and BALANCED calls. Too much to ask apparently…

  • ssshady35

    I live in Chicago and I’m a die hard Celtic as you all know by now. I was watching the game at the gym on the chicago local station and the bradcasters almost made me through up. In the first half they were talking about how Paul Pierce looked like a old man and that he could not guard john samons, they were upset that KG Perk and T. Allen were talking amack to Ben Gordonn and the bulls coach, how about when Gordon was grabbing his balls after just hitting a jump shot….classy right. I’m so glad we were able to pull it out. Lets finish them off in Chicago thursday night. GO CELTICS!!!

  • How the fuck does ray allen ever foul out of a game, thats just dumb on his part
    what the hell was steph doing on when he passed up a wide open three to get the ball to rondo a foot in front of him…there is tenantive and then there is stupid
    The truth finally showed up, is he hear to stay?
    i think so

  • PxFunk

    Yo Ryan, you play ball? I go to unh too, I havent played in months, but I used to ball at the gym all the time. We should get a pick up game goin one of these days.

  • Listen John, I’m writing a guest article about Kendrick Perkins tomorrow. It has to be done. Expect a 5 pager.
    I feel like I’ve said this so many times in the past few weeks, but that’s one of the best games I’ve ever been to. Unbelievable

  • DRJ if I recall, you were asking for Doc to play TA or Marbury or House (can’t remember which one) over Ray Allen in the final minutes of Game 1. I think you’re over-reacting to one game. This was a gutsy effort and a great win. Nothing but good things coming from me after this one.

  • DRJ

    Look forward to it. Perk has been just awesome. Loved his post-game interview too… the guy’s funny as hell.

  • Sal

    I completely agree with you. I was just being whimsical/douchey. I’m good at both; references available upon request.

  • Al

    I followed this In New Zealand teaching a class of school kids – pretend to teach……head back to the laptop…move away a few feet…..back again….fake interest in their work…backwards shuffle…
    Watched a few highlights when I got home. Miller got his damn head ripped off at the end – at least the refs saw that!!! Wish I’d seen it. Thank god for Perk and Rondo….anyone else think the Bulls are just a ‘bad matchup’ like the Hawks last yr??

  • Baron

    Yes, i do blame tony. the guy would do it if he played the entire game. hes an idiot, and i dont want him on this team

  • baron

    someones actually holding out hope for a repeat or something?
    that isnt happeneing.
    still want to see this team win and go as far as possible…and im loving watching rondo/perk and baby develop and get even more playoff experience

  • baron

    Miller got his head ripped off?
    Funny, because I didnt even notice it when it first happened, much to do about nothing… It looked like a little stinger on his lip. poor baby. hes lucky that got called at all nevermind a flagrant

  • Al

    U should watch it again, it’s a doosie of a foul….then watch Rondo try and pretend it was game over

  • Boston Man

    I put all of the blame on the refs for every game the celts lost in that hawks series.

  • Sal

    I blame the refs for everything bad that has ever happened in my life.

  • Jp

    *Really seemed the refs were out to prove something with all the ticky tack fouls on Ray.
    *Perk is not ready to be a low post threat consistently. He has his nice little game, but he’s just not ready.
    *When Rajon shoots in rhythm, he is money.
    *Paul needs some wheat grass juice or something.
    *Tony Allen is a complete waste on the floor during a game. If he had his day, it’s gone. If he hasn’t had it yet, maybe it’s waiting for him on another team or another profession.
    *This series reminds me so much of last year’s first round. The Bulls have talent, are so athletic and are confident as hell. They, I think, are the more defining part of this story than the diminished Celtics struggling.
    *I taped the game and was watching it around 1 am last night. I was dying. I almost just fast forwarded some of the fourth and overtime, just because I was so stressed out. What a game!!!

  • mike

    rondo is a dirty player. and he looks like a woman in the face, seriously imagine him with a wig on he has very feminine facial features.

  • AMP

    Luckily, we have other choices here in Boston!

  • Lakerhater

    Ok, I’m tired of waiting for it, so I’ll start. All of the negativity towards the C’s on this site is pissing me off. Yes the C’s have struggled but they are alive and finding ways to win, they haven’t been blown out in this series and they are doing it with half of the bench they had last year. Two years ago (and alot of years prior) I would have given my left nut just for the Celtics to make the playoffs. Its bad enough for west coast Celtic fans to have to listen the f*cking hater announcers (that means you doug collins, I hope Marv albert bit you after the game) but then to see supposed longtime fans (calling you out Baron) nit pick the C’s is discusting.
    I love these celtics, they play with Heart even when everyone else counts them out. F*CK the Bulls, CELTICS in 6.

  • I agree. Its a joy to watch the progress of Rondo,Perk and Powe. At least were in the playoffs with a great chance to advance.