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This Guy is Beating Us?

Chuck - Red's Army April 28, 2009 Uncategorized 10 Comments on This Guy is Beating Us?


When did Kirk Hinrich morph into Kobe Bryant? This dude is killing us tonight.

Meanwhile, Paul Pierce's legs look awfully heavy.

Needless to say, I don't have a good feeling about this one.

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  • Jester00

    yea i can barely see and this looks bad, looks like a lot of minutes on those legs out there

  • WestCoastCelt

    The refs are terrible and this time the Bulls are the ones who should be livid. I’m serious.
    Perk should abuse Noah and even Thomas as long as he gets into Thomas’ body and stops letting him a free leap at his shots. He’s also got to finish when Rose is freaking checking him. That’s ridiculous. In fairness, though, I honestly think that if Perk did to Rose what he should and could, which is massively overpower him, he would have been called for offensive fouls both times, even though that’s exactly how Shaq earned 15 All-Start appearances. So while it’s very frustrating watching him not finish those, his caution and lack of force there saved him two fouls. I’m 90% certain.
    How the fuck does Noah get even one rebound. Perk is a beast and against other beefy guys, he usually holds them off very successfully. Noah’s quicker and longer yes, so he should get to stuff from time to time, but not as much as he has (I’m talking 5 games, not just this half). Thing is, Perk has the long, high flying Thomas and the active, long Noah both in there and only BBD to help. Perk’s really rebounding against two guys on his own. So in that sense, I give him credit.
    Hinrich. Yeah, he has been killing us, not just today. None of these guys are missing from outside. Ever. In just 3 possessions, Gordon and Hinrich hit end-of-shot-clock, rushed 3s and Rose hit a one-handed, leaning floater when he didn’t even have control of the ball. That’s 8 points. Forget that, though, this team is playing like crap. Even though Rondo’s half looks decent, he hasn’t been frenetic as usual. He needs to be. Ray, suck. Pierce, suck. Baby, suck. Perk, decent, but could be better. Bench, suck.
    BTW, Hinrich has been allowed to do ANYTHING he has wanted on the defensive end. He’s solid, but he’s been given carte blanche. It’s really ridiculous.
    Second half boys. Let’s freaking play like you freaking care damn it.

  • Although the Bulls are making all contested shots and playing well above their level, the fault is ours. If we played at a near-sufficient level in the paint, at both sides, we wouldn’t be struggling like this.
    It’s not a question of KG or not… c’mon, we’re making Joakim Noah and Brad Miller look like two Dwight Howards. One would think Baby and Perk could at least stop Noah but he’s doing what he wants especially in our paint.

  • WestCoastCelt

    Completely agree.

  • BigMck-I’ve also had a real skecthy feeling about this one too. I feel for PP, I honestly do. If we don’t win this series, alot of people will point fingers at him, but c’mon-this guy has won soooo many big games for us and been so loyal how can we blame him? I really just think the Bulls have a bit more energy. Maybe the heavy-assed schedule at the start of the year really did take it’s toll. Well, whatever happens, I’m a C’s fan thru and thru…

  • WestCoastCelt

    Ray has a hand on Gordon. Foul. Noah drops his shoulder on Ray setting a screen. No foul. Miller trips Ray. No foul.
    The Celts, for their part, should be embarrassed by their play, but the league should be embarrassed by its officiating. ABSOLUTELY EMBARRASSED!!!! Ray just disqualified. Unreal.

  • WestCoastCelt

    Thinking “Man, Perk seems to be securing a lot of rebounds. I wonder what he’s up to?”
    NINETEEN REBOUNDS!!! 19 rebounds and not once have the announcers mentioned it. Not once. And he’s rebounding one against two most times.
    He’s got points, but he could have handled some touches better. Still, he’s been a defensive and rebounding BEAST. Great game Perk. (so far).

  • Jester00

    take the shot starbary another OT WOW

  • zauer


  • Boston Man

    A win is a win….