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Ben Gordon Looking for a Miracle

Chuck - Red's Army April 28, 2009 Uncategorized 18 Comments


Via the Globe:

The Bulls' sharpshooter took a pain-killing shot on Sunday, had
swelling on Monday and said today that he is not moving well. He didn't
participate in the Bulls' shootaround at Emerson College this morning.

Gordon, who is treating the injury, a Grade 2 strain, with ice and
electrical stimulation, said he is going to test his leg during pregame
to see what he is able to do. On the possibility of playing tonight, he
said, "It's still pretty bad. I don't know. I'm looking for a miracle."

I'm a bit stunned because I was starting to believe the Celtics were the only team dealing with major injuries this postseason.

As for the new speculation (courtesy of Reggie Miller), that KG could return for the second round:

"Like I’ve said before, yeah, there’s a chance, it’s not a very good
one," Rivers said. "I guess you could report that and it's correct, but
it would be incorrect."

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  • DRJ

    Guy’s a riot… man speaks with forked tongue: “it’s correct, but it would be incorrect”. Got it!

  • joe

    Doc is so pissing me off!

  • http://profile.typepad.com/6p0115704263ce970b Papa Irish

    nothing that ben gordon does would suprise me, unless he does something that is more beneficial for his team than himself
    there is no way gordon plays if he does not believe its in his absolute best interest- thats the kind of player he strikes me to be
    as for the kg thing, im basically waiting for doc to just snap on a reporter- LOOK HE’S NOT EFFING COMING BACK. DEAL WITH IT HOWEVER YOU WANT, JUST STOP ASKING ME ABOUT IT lol

  • WestCoastCelt

    BG is JR Smith. Astounded the Bulls fans value him as much as they do. He’s a top sixth man, not a championship centerpiece by any stretch. He’s been vilified in Chicago for years, then comes the trade a few months ago and now this guy holds the key to their success? Give me a break. I, for one, am ecstatic when he shoots in volume. He’s thrown in a bunch of prayers, but it’s simply impossible to sustain. Keep jacking ‘em up, Ben, and playing roulette with your team’s chances. Your opponents will be better off for it.

  • WestCoastCelt

    Is Bynum a first-team All-NBA, Defensive Player of the Year or former MVP? NOT EVEN FUCKING CLOSE, MORON. I can’t think of anything more stupid than people equating losing KG to Bynum or as I read today, Deng. Are you people fucking smoking crack?!?! Odom’s twice as value to the Lakers as Bynum and if you lost him, at least you’d be a little closer to the “we lost KG” discussion. You were going nowhere without Gasol in the first place. Lose him and you at least wouldn’t sound so stupid. Losing Bynum? Give me a freaking break.
    BTW, we’re only in the first round. Way to jump to conclusions and draw unfounded parallels.
    Laker fans are such trolls.

  • Danno

    We some hoes?
    What the fuck does Basketball have to do with gardening, you fucking moron?

  • http://profile.typepad.com/6p01156f2d28d7970c BigMck

    C’mon fellas, do we really need so many f-bombs? Or am I just being a grumpy, old man?

  • WestCoastCelt

    Yes and yes.

  • Danno

    One fof the things that sets Redsarmy apart from most other blogs and sports related forums – it isn’t over-santized/over-moderated.
    Most forums at the more “professional” sites are as safe and absolutely boring as ticklefights between middle school girls.

  • Baron

    So, where was the foul on that play? still cant see it.(picture)
    just because he fell to the floor, doesnt mean he was fouled…he literally dived into davis, who moved back, and gordon landed on the floor

  • DRJ

    Lol. Nice exchange guys. V funny… starting from mr.laker’s post.
    I love the freewheeling nature of this blog. It’s what the internet is all about… 1st amendment at its finest. BigM is, correctly I think, probably concerned over the blog’s rep. F-bombs tend to diminish that in the eyes of SOME. But… you’re either like some other blogs we know… with school marms patrolling the boards looking for any infractions… or you let it fly wild. I like wild. (HATE the marms.) I think most of the regs do too. But maybe a happy medium is best all around….?

  • WestCoastCelt

    I didn’t mean to be a wise guy BigMck, honestly. I used to be of the “swearing just indicates your lack of vocabulary” school, but now I’m from the “there’s no such thing as bad language” school (hat tip to Lewis Black).
    Mrs. Laker 19 is so obviously stupid on one of two fronts. One, he either actually believes what he wrote, in which case I can’t even describe the level of ignorance there and we should just feel sorry for him and his family. Or two, he’s being a typical troll trying to get a rise out of us here. Either way, he’s an ignorant slut and either way I probably shouldn’t have taken the bait.
    Doesn’t matter. The Lakers got by in 5. The Celts without KG are two FTs away from a sweep, but will still finish in 6, just one more game than the invincible, exalted Fakeshow.

  • DRJ

    Yeah, you prob shouldn’t have taken the bait. I mean, guy comes into a Celtics blog with a name like “mr.laker”… umm, I’m guessing he’s a troll before he opens his fingers.
    all good… got a good laugh out of the whole exchange :)

  • DontHateThePlayerHateTheGame

    WestCoastCelt were not saying bynum is similar to kg. We are saying the impact that he had on us was the same impact KG had on the Celts.KG is the Anchor of the Defense. Same goes for bynum. You say we were nowhere without gasol? last i check we were number 1 ont he west before gasol arrived. CELTS were NOWHERE without KG and RAY so dont bring up the Gasol crap. If you minus Gasol from the Lakers, we would still be in playoff. If you minus KG and Ray from Celts..You guys wouldnt even make the playoff.

  • Baron

    No…Losing Bynum isnt like losing KG, its like losing perkins…face the facts
    losing KG can be more accurately compared to the lakers if they lost gasol

  • WestCoastCelt

    Losing Perkins would be worse. Perkins is better. His defense is legit whereas Bynum’s is a merely a media story. Perkins shows up every game. Bynum not so much. Offense same thing. Perkins’ offense gets little respect/hype, but is solid. Again, Bynum’s is mostly hype, sometimes it shows up, often not.
    “Minus (Minus is not a verb. You mean substract? Get your GED yet?) KG and Ray …” You mean losing two perennial All-Stars, two future Hall of Famers still at the top of their games is going to hurt the Celts? Really? You’re a genius. You think losing those two players, or even one of them comes close to losing Bynum? You’re out of your mind. Are you the bunny that was on his shoulders?
    You really think you were headed to a title before you got Gasol last year? Not a chance.

  • DontHateThePlayerHateTheGame

    I didnt say losing those 2 player is the same as losing bynum..did you get your GED yet? Learn to read the damn question before you comment.
    Did you really think celtics were going to win a title before you got kg or ray? I mean did you really think the celtics were going to make it to the playoff before they got kg or ray?

  • Shawn-cvd

    Time for a history lesson. Without KG or Ray Ray we would have the team we traded away. That means our starting five would be Truth, Rondo, Perk, Al Jefferson and Delonte West. Not champions by any stretch, but would definitely be a 6th or 7th seed in this post season.
    Banter’s one thing but you really show your ignorance when you conclude that Allen and KG came here for free. Oh wait,I cannot fault you for thinking All-Stars can be had for nothing considering your team’s acquisition of Gasol…