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Anyone Seen Eddie House?

Chuck - Red's Army April 28, 2009 Uncategorized 6 Comments on Anyone Seen Eddie House?


The Celtics bench has done squat in this series. There are some valid reasons: Big Baby is a starter, Leon shredded his knee, Marbury is buried beneath Rondo's giant shadow, TA has been banished to the witness protection program, and Mikki Moore isn't really that good.

But what about Eddie? He's made just 5 of 15 three-point field goals against Chicago. It's worse from the rest of the floor – 8 for 25. The second unit (and the entire team) needs an infusion of Eddie House energy. Spot up 3s, pull-up 3s, etc.

The Celtics defense, or lack of defense, continues to be a focal point for Doc Rivers. Apparently, there's too much switching going on:

"As a whole, as a group, we switched a lot, and we're not a switching team," coach Doc Rivers said yesterday.

Guard Rajon Rondo was among those guilty of gambling, sometimes creating mismatches defensively.

just Rondo, everyone," Rivers said. "We can't make up our own defenses
on the fly. As a team, we had 21 or 22 switches and that's an amazing
amount for our team.

Any explanations? Are the Bulls too quick and athletic for the Celtics?

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  • Trav

    On the Dan Patrick Radio Show, Reggie Miller said that he believes KG will return if the Celtics advance to the next round. Miller and KG are neighbors in Malibu, California. Take it for what it is.

  • I have to believe that Heezy will heat up again. Dude was an inferno down the stretch in the regular season.

  • Eddie hasn’t been playing as much because he simply can’t guard anyone in this series.
    It’s hard for shooters to get going if they can’t get into a rythm, which requires consistent playing time.

  • Last week, we were talking about PP in the same light and he had a big game. Let’s hope the same happens for Eddie. I like EHouse alot and would love to see him have a big game. I think it’s very important for us to not only win tonight, but to win big. We want to let the Bulls know that we are taking this series.

  • McHouse

    House is due for a big game with like 7-8 threes. Hopefully it can come tonight. But let me say one thing: While I like his energy on the bench, I really hate when he jumps up and screams and waves towels at the opposing three point shooters. It shows a complete lack of class and disgraces the whole Celtics organization. Fans can taunt and yell all they want, but come on, you’re representing the defending champs. Show some class.

  • WestCoastCelt

    It’s a team problem, not an Eddie problem. The schedule, the extra long timeouts, the higher opponent quality (on both ends of the floor), the higher importance of the games always means the bench sees less time. We all know Eddie can be instant offense, but he’s just as susceptible to slow starts as anyone else and limited minutes don’t help. It’s a small sample size issue. Just 2 more 3s go in and he’s 7-15, right in line with his season. I don’t think anything’s different or wrong with Eddie. The offense just needs to find him his regular looks, which are harder to come by in the playoffs. Ray can probably vouch for all of Eddie’s “problems”, too.