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Refs Spotted Wearing Bulls Gear

Live and direct from the "can't make this stuff up" club:

At least one member of the Celtics entourage was taken aback at the
sight of the officiating crew exiting the United Center. Two of the
three members of the group, which consisted of Danny Crawford, Bill
Kennedy and Marc Davis, were spotted with their families decked out in
Bulls gear.

Kennedy ejected Celtics coach Doc Rivers from a game in Chicago on March 17, and two days later was fined (as was Rivers) for his actions.

I'm going to repeat this. Two of the referees were spotted leaving with their families all decked out in Bulls gear. 

How is that allowed?  Wouldn't it be a basic requirement of NBA officials not to appear to favor any particular team in any way?  Does the league REALLY need to tell refs "Hey, when you're leaving after a game, try not to dress your entire family in one of the team's merchandise." 

This is the kind of stuff that FEEDS conspiracy theories about NBA refs. I desperately want to stop talking about them.  I REALLLLLLLY want to have them not be a story line.  But they keep doing stupid things like this that make people think the fix is in.*

* note:  I do not think the fix is in.  This is just a stupid, stupid, stupid thing these refs did.  Thanks to Scott from BostonSportz for the heads up

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  • Aingelives

    That is stupid but not the reason we lost.

  • Oops

  • Tim (FD)

    How Bill Kennedy got a job in the first place is beyond me. How he still has a job is, as Tommy would say, AB-SO-LUTE-LY RID-IC-U-LOUS

  • Oops

  • Where is the photo of this? I want to see with my own eyes.
    Aingelives is right, this is not the reason we lost the game. I remember seeing Paul’s face when Doc took him out because he felt they had abandoned running plays and were just going with the Pierce ISO. There was one shot where Doc was yelling at the guys from the bench and Pierce was shooting him this rotten glare. Thats when I knew that Pierce really wasn’t in this game. His attitude and demeanor were TERRIBLE yesterday. I can understand his frustration and about not getting calls when he should have. But just by the look on his face the entire second half yesterday, you could tell that he really wasn’t in it. I LOVE the Truth, and he did hit some shots down the stretch to keep us in it. But this attitude has to stop, he needs to shrug this shit off and use it to his advantage.
    After all this though, all we needed to do in this game was immediately foul on that Ben Gordon play. You do that and this game would have been over.

  • Nice pic Tim (FD)..but no, that’s not the reason we lost, but it’s pretty frickin’ inappropriate. When I read this in the Herald this morning at work, I did a triple-take. I mean, c’mon. I really am not one to blame the refs, but it doesn’t give me much faith in Stern’s “policing” of the refs since the whole Donaghy thing. Who knows..I guess the Celtics can only worry about the things they do have control over: clutch free-throws, making bunnies in crunch-time and hiring Jeff Gillooly to handle a certain guard who plays for the Bulls. (JUST KIDDING)

  • NOTE: KWAPT does not endorse, finance or lend the KWAPT name to violence or suggested violence against any professional athletes.

  • DRJ

    It was a stupid thing to do, and the refs DID cause this loss. Perk’s phantom offensive foul when he supposedly “hooked” the defender comes to mind, as it was at a critical point. Another phantom foul on Paul on the inbound. The phantom travel call on Ray. Several obvious maulings of Paul that went unwhistled. Etc., etc. The swing in lost possessions and production amounts to approximately 10-12 points, more than enough to have secured the win.
    The disparity in calls last night was enough to make me think that there was more going on than the usual referee incompetence. It was too marked, too obvious. Yes, they missed a couple of calls that would have helped the Bulls, but those misses were hard to see and understandable as human error. The bad calls on the Cs were obvious, blatant, and ridiculous.
    The notion among bloggers that one should not complain about refs — something about sucking it up and being a “real man”, etc., etc. — could not be more wrong. If we don’t talk about it, it will never change. The only way they are going to clean up their act in the NBA is if they get the message that we, the fans – the reason they exist – are getting fed up. The prospect of lost $$$ will force change. Nothing else will. Therefore, it is not only not wrong to talk about ref error and bias, it’s our duty.
    The video technology to completely fix the NBA’s problems is here, fully installed, ready to go. Heck, many of have it in our living rooms (DVRs). The NBA must fix the referee problem (using video technology to eliminate referee errors), or risk continuing to lose fans, and ultimately, oblivion. I know that I have considered abandoning my interest in pro ball several times, and have remained, for now, only because of the Cs. I also know that one day I will stop, out of disgust over the refs. I am not alone.
    It’s worth repeating: It is not wrong to talk about referee problems. It’s our duty, one of the few things we can actually do to help the game.

  • DRJ

    Btw… the fact that we could have played better and pulled out the win despite the refs does not change what they did, or what our reaction should be.

  • I don’t think its wrong to talk about it. I think its wrong to cry about it.The refs will affect every game at some point. Looking at every call that comes into ? would slow the game down to a crawl. Do we really want more free-throws? I hate watching a game be won on the line because of a tick tack foul! Ref’s are far from perfect and need help. The NBA has made improvements.Are you suggesting instant replay’s on fouls? The team that plays with more energy I have noticed gets the call. I say let them play!

  • DRJ

    I am suggesting video booth refs to back up the on-court refs. That would eliminate most of the human error. It would also reduce referee bias, because they would know that someone is reviewing their work at all times.
    What’s going on (as I have written before, and again recently in a rant) is that the NBA has not caught up with the disruptive technology of digital video. We (the fans) see every mistake they make now, unlike in the past. As a result, fans everywhere are unhappy and pissed off. If they don’t fix this referee problem, the NBA risks eventually going out of business, or at least a severe contraction.
    Pointing it out is not the same thing as “crying over it”… obviously.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I agree, there is nothing wrong with talking about the refs. They have such a huge impact on each and every game, and when they are seen leaving the games decked out in the opposing teams gear? That should throw up some red flags. Especially after a game like yesterdays where I sat there watching it screaming at the refs for some of their calls and no-calls. This just makes me believe all the refs in the league are corrupt

  • DRJ

    I’ll add one more thing:
    Blogging is as pure an example of “the voice of the people” as exists today. If we don’t do this, if we shy away from telling the truth here, of all places… who’s going to do it? Nobody. The buck stops with us. WE ARE THE PEOPLE. We either stand up and tell the truth as we see it, or huddle in the corner in fear of appearing “unmacho”, or “whiny”. I say bullshit to that.

  • DRJ

    How do we send redsarmy an email now? The old address doesn’t seem to work anymore….

  • G4L

    You have got to be kidding me.

  • Yeah the officiating was so annoying. It’s why a lot of people hate the NBA.

  • Refs

    Why dont you blame refs when you guys win? I only hear ref this ref that when you lose. Refs are human also so deal with it. Dont blame the ref for the horrible game the Celts played.

  • Lakerhater

    Tim Donaghy was a lone operator whose actions were unknown to Stern or other refs…ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Thats why Refs

  • You know, there’s a difference between blaming the refs and calling them out for sucking.
    The Celtics had a million chances to win the game and they didn’t.
    But officiating is terrible. It’s part of the game, so we’ll talk about it.

  • I saw the title of the article and expected to read something about some bad calls made during game 4 or something. I never expected the title to be literal. Aren’t there strict rules enforced about such a thing? If there isn’t there really should be.
    The wording in the article is a bit fuzzy though. One could interpret that the families were wearing Bulls Gear and not the refs themselves. Though, if it was just the families, I can’t even believe the refs would have the balls to allow it to happen.
    I have a hard time believing it was the referees themselves that were wearing the Bulls gear.

  • hoopedia

    The ones wearing Bulls gear were refs’ FAMILY MEMBERS, not the refs themselves so you should change the title of this post. How could you post “refs spotted wearing bulls gear” when the weren’t the ones wearing it? Or is it just a way to make people believe there was a conspiracy against the Celtics?
    And, tell me, can’t refs’ family members support a team? This happens all the times, people.
    and lakerhater, the FBI investigated every single ref and none was found guilty. And no, the league wasn’t aware of what Donaghy was doing. If you really followed what happened with the Donaghy thing you would know that those Donaghy’s mates threatened him and told him they didn’t want the NBA to find out what was going on, meaning the league wasn’t aware of it. So get your facts straight. Read the articles about it instead of just reading the headline.
    I can’t believe that just because the refs’sons or some other family member were wearing bulls gear people are accusing refs of rigging game 4. Ridiculous.
    And someone said that the refs are the reason the Celtics lost game 4. Are you serious? How can you say the game was completely called in favor of the Bulls? The Bulls shot only 3 more free-throws than the Celtics. There were bad calls going both ways, but overall I thought it was not a bad officiated game. We must’ve watched a different game then.

  • hoopedia

    And for the record, I’m not a Bulls or Celtics fan. I found the link to this post on fanhouse and, as an unbiased fan, I can’t help but shake my head when I see people blaming this loss on the refs or accusing them of wearing bulls gear when the ones wearing it where their family members. I understand homerism and there’s nothing wrong with it, but some of you really need to learn the game before saying there was such a big disparity or saying the refs were completely against the Celtics or accusing them of being criminals and rigging games just because their family members were wearing bulls gear. If you notice, NOBODY outside delusional Celtics fans is talking about the refs costing the Celtics this game. So I tend to believe to unbiased fans and to my eyes a bit more than Celtics or Bulls fans.
    Stay classy, Celtics fans.

  • Jacklyn Lopez

    How would you know that buddy???
    You pervert!!!