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Perk: “We can’t live off last year”

Preach on Perk.

"We can't live off of last year. It's a different team and this is our first real test right here (in Game 5)."

The first post-practice quotes are trickling out.  Perk is telling it like it is.

"We make it hard
on ourselves. You can't beat a team by 30 and then come back and lose
by 3. There has to be a sense of urgency."

Honestly, I'm starting to get a little pissed off about this team.  For them not to foul at the end when Doc told them to… to dribble down the last 17 seconds of the game when a quick basket and foul was the right play… for Rajon Rondo to have that one brain-fart and shoot instead of drive for a potential game winner…. it's all very frustrating. That's not a KG or no-KG thing.  That's a "your the defending champs now play like it" thing. 

Time to wake the hell up, boys.  A little better execution and we're looking at a sweep.  Now it's a tooth-and-nail battle.  Not good.

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  • so frustrated with the lack of defense and execution. they can’t get critical stops when it would make all the difference. one stop at the end is the difference between needing ray’s 3 to tie or just winning the game, and could have meant winning in spite of gordon’s crazy shot.
    and the execution and smarts, as you point out, to give the foul and still be up one with the ball. ugh.

  • DRJ

    How do you know that Doc told them to foul on the inbound (prior to Gordon’s clutch 3)? Haven’t seen that anywhere…

  • NineSevenEight

    Perk has really impressed me with his play and his talk this series. Aside from some bone-headed fouls (it’s Perk), I like the way he’s been calling out himself and his teammates’ play. He’s really stepping up as a leader and backing up his words with production. No sugarcoating. I really hope the rest are listening. He’s made it pretty clear that he hasn’t been happy with the aggressiveness of the Celtics. Maybe his words will be a motivating factor because, aside from Rondo, no one’s really been consistent or played inspired basketball. FRUSTRATION RISING

  • The most frustrating thing is that Ben Gordon had already put in an impossible shot at the end of the 4th, and yet they didn’t think it was obvious to foul him… anyway I guess Doc too has his share of guilt apart from this game, if only he rested PP more during the end of the season now he wouldn’t be totally exhausted. I don’t like it a bit, I see a KC Jones-like style here, and I always thought those Celtics would have won at least another ring if he didn’t overuse DJ, Bird, Parish and McHale…

  • Perkins is becoming a leader of this team.
    Actually, he IS a leader of this team.
    Plays harder than anyone, and holds people accountable.

  • Doc said it postgame. I’ll have to find it.

  • Ryan (UNH)

    Ok Tim

  • larry

    i think perk is just saying what all us c fans are’s not a kg thing its a lapse of good judgement on the court.!!i have a new found respect for this man.!!