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Next Big Injury: Ben Gordon’s Hammy?


Bulls guard Ben Gordon will have an MRI today on his injured left hamstring. He tweaked it during the 2nd quarter of Sunday's game:

"I was driving and I heard something pop," said Gordon, who incurred
the injury while shooting in the second quarter. "It's sore; hopefully
it's not too serious. I'm going to do what I need to do."
It's likely this injury isn't a big deal. But a sore hamstring could hinder a jump-shooter like Gordon. It could also limit him defensively.

There's also the chance he hurt himself grabbing his nuts after the game-tying 3 in OT. If Pierce can get fined 25K for a "menacing gesture" last year,  Gordon should get fined for this embarrassing display.

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  • Jester00

    Wow my dad called me during the game to tell me about the nut grab I though he was just slipping in the head a bit, but after looking at this he was right that shows no class

  • Yes, DEFINITELY worse than the Pierce “gang sign” last year. Of course I am sure nothing will be done about it.

  • Thx Red’s..I did not see that yesterday-what a clown. Great player, great shooter, but clown for doing that. Also, this clip is great evidence of just how tight P-Double was covering him. I know Pierce was dead tired too, but he still couldn’t have covered him any better. I really HATE the fact that we will have to go back to Chicago, but you have to admit, this has been some incredible basketball to watch from a fan’s pov.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    I dunno….haven’t you ever had to re-adjust the package, without hesitation(ouch!), ’cause things were all tangled up down there? He only grabbed for a second, I think his junk might have needed adjustment.

  • Ace-One

    C’mon. Let’s be real here. Gordon grabbed his nuts after a huge shot. I’m a Celts fan and I have zero problem with that. Sam Cassell (and Mike Bibby, and Kobe) do the big balls dance. How’s this that much different? Yeah, it’s not as funny as Sam-I-Am, but I got a chuckle. It was in the moment; he wasn’t staring down an opponent. I don’t think a fine is warranted. I just wouldn’t want to be his teammate who has to high five him afterward (sorry, Hinrich)
    Bringing up Paul Pierce’s fine is a bad idea to me, because it makes PP look worse by comparison. Again, let’s be real here. Anyone who’s honest with himself knows what PP meant with his sign. His action was much more uncalled-for and reflected much more poorly on the league.

  • McHouse

    While the nutgrab was quite inappropriate, I think it falls in the category of major badass rather than classless. His monacle taunt in game 2 was better but as far as I’m concerned, if he’s hitting shots like that 3 pointer, he can grab anything he wants. Go celtics.