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New Commenting Feature

We've added a new feature to… upgraded commenting.

It actually brings back a good aspect of the old site.  The name of the commenter is on the top, and it comes with a customizable image. If you sign up for a free profile, you can customize your photo.

One new feature that I love is "threaded commenting."  Basically, it organizes replies into an indented thread so the little offshoot conversations that inevitably pop up in the comment section can be easily followed.  So you can submit a comment about the post, or you can reply to a commenter… and that reply will show up, indented, under the comment to which you are replying.

Check it out.  Hope this makes the comment experience even better.  Personally, I'm psyched about it.  Hope you guys like it too.

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  • So here’s what I’m talking about with the customized image. Notice my name is at the top.

  • Here’s what happens when I reply to myself. Notice the comment is now separated from the rest of the comments into a different discussion.

  • And here’s just another comment. On other thing: you can use html tags to bold or italicize your comments and add a little emphasis to what you’re saying

  • One other feature I forgot to mention in the post. When someone replies to
    you, you get an email (if you’ve signed up for a free account).
    Reply to that email, like I just did, and it shows up as a comment.

  • FSantos33 shows it’s 14 days for free than they charge you or what?

  • Here’s how to sign up for a free typepad profile. I shouldn’t have said account. I’m going to edit the post.

  • I signed up. How does it look?

  • I like it

  • love it, love it luv it love it
    great work fellas

  • P. Irish – I like your picture icon – Go Celtics!!

  • Testing

  • ShooterMcGavin

    this is the first website i visit when hammered..celts take game 4 tomorrow

  • this is a great new commenting style… also check out this article on rondo
    gave me a deeper appreciation of the role he’s had to play and the decisions he’s had to make

  • I like this, and I get to use a pic of my fav early 90’s Celtic.

  • So what’s our record in Sunday Day games?

  • Very cool!

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    I’m liking it.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    But….I signed up for a typepad profile, attached an image when I signed up, but there isn’t an image with my post. Anybody have an idea why?

  • No clue. Are you sure you saved the photo to your profile?

  • looking good man

  • testing

  • This is looking good! The faithful are signing up and the site is better than ever!

  • OK…that could be it. I saved the image this time, will it show up….?

  • Good Stuff.

  • DRJ