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Public Enemy #1

Chuck - Red's Army April 25, 2009 Uncategorized 7 Comments on Public Enemy #1


Rajon Rondo remains the focus of the Chicago Bulls. If they have any shot of winning this series, they have to slow down Rondo. Here's the latest out of Chi-town:

The Bulls won't win another game in this best-of-seven playoff series with the Boston Celtics if they can't contain Rajon Rondo.

The Celtics point guard has been their best player, averaging 22.7
points, 10.7 rebounds and 9.7 assists for the three games. And he
hasn't been slowed after spraining his right ankle in Game 2.

''We couldn't control Rondo at all,'' Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro
said. ''We may look at some different things. We have to do a better
job of executing our game plan, and then we can make changes on it.
Turnovers are getting him in the open court, where he's really good.
He's attacking us on the break.''

I can't believe Rondo has reached this status already. Even with KG out, the Celtics still have a Big 3. He's been that good.

So here's the Bulls game plan:

  • Protect the ball – this will help keep Rondo from flying out on the fast break.
  • Have Noah and Thomas leave their man sooner and get to Rondo as soon as he reaches the paint (I can see a 20-assist night under this scenario).
  • Trap him deeper in the back-court which puts pressure on the Celtics to make crisp passes and find the open man (I can see Ray and Paul with 30 points each under this scenario).

Screw the defensive schemes, maybe a a change of shoes will help.

Anyone else feel like Big Baby isn't getting his due? Apparently the key is not to try so hard:

“Yeah, it’s funny how that works,” Big Baby said. “When you don’t try
to force the issue and you just do what you’re supposed to do, things
just go your way. It’s like, man, the ball just finds you sometimes.”

The ball is not only finding Davis, but enjoying the time spent together. Davis averages of 7 ppg and 4 rpg have soared to 19 ppg and 7 rpg in this series.

The Herald's Mark Murphy has some more info on Tony Allen's situation:

Both sources said Allen’s current troubles are somehow connected to
last summer’s incident, and that the Celtics guard allegedly has
incurred a heavy financial debt to someone in Chicago and he now
refuses to repay.

Whether these new details are true or not, my position (stated clearly yesterday) remains the same.

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  • LarryLegend

    Thanks for posting that Jackie McMullen article. Was pretty good and probably wouldn’t have seen it if you didn’t post it. I like how Doc has taken him under his wing and we’ve seen him mature. I’m suspecting TA won’t be around very much longer after reading that herald article.

  • The black sneaker thing reeks of DESPERATE. Now we all know that the C’s have struggled in these afternoon games. If I’m correct, tomorrow’s tilt starts @1pm EST which is Noon in ChiTown. I know it might seem ridiculous, but the Celtics have genuinely struggled in afternoon games all year (like last Saturday). Let’s hope they build off last game’s defensive intesnity and it’s not an issue. I would be interested what the C’s record was last year in afternoon games. But it’s too nice of a day outside (and I’m going to Sox-Yankees) to start Googling and find out. If John or Chuck has access to the info, I’d be interested to see it. Rondo is going to be a superstar btw. Nike signature shoe, numerous all-star selections, competing in the skills thing at asw every year, pu$$y galore, you get the picture….

  • oh yeah..many props to you guys for changing the font/color on the poster’s name and date/time-it’s MUCH easier to read. Just one more reason why redsarmy RULES the ‘net baby….!

  • FSantos33

    Celtics should break the bad streak played on Sunday afternoons. Tomorrow is the best time to do it. Victory tomorrow would give our players major confidence and one more nail into Chitown’s coffin. Finish them off Celtics!
    TA TA TA WTF Brotha! Only explanation I have for TA is “You can take him out from the hood but you can’t take the hood out from him”. Correct me if I am wrong he has one more year on his contract. His trade value would be minimal at best. Would our owner asked Ainge to cut ties with TA and swallow remaining of his contract? I can’t imagine any team would give up anything for TA – not even a second round pick. Your thoughts?
    Celtics 2009 – 2010 bench will look very different.

  • EricWilliamsEyes

    Just to remind all of you, Ray Allen has been receiving death threats for a couple years now as well. They talked about it on that show espn360.

  • FSantos33

    JR. Giddens siting – He dropped 17 pts and grabbed 15 boards in the D-League title game. Unfortunately his team fell short.
    I would take my chances with Giddens over Mikki Moore right about now. Only if Giddens had more playing time to proof himself during the regular season.

  • Baron

    Giddens over mikki moore?
    Makes no sense. Giddens over TA maybe…but we need a 7 footer, even if he sucks