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Wings Actually Slow Rondo Down

Rajon Rondo is so fast, wings would ruin his aerodynamics and slow him down.  But he’s growing them anyway, thanks to a sponsorship with Red Bull.  They were so happy to have him, they gave him a ride to Game 1

2 observations in that photo:

1:  Ring on the middle finger.  Just how it should be.
2:  His hands are so big, they look like they wrap around the can twice. 

I hope Red Bull comes up with some better ads now that Rondo’s a spokesman.  Give me something better than those dumb-ass cartoons.

(Via Ball Don’t Lie and CelticsBlog)

Updated, with video

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  • Matt

    Philly wins again!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And their last second shot was over the “DPOY”.
    I thought Orlando was going to sweep.

  • Baron

    Yeah, I saw him riding in that red bull car on ESPN. and jump out of the window. lol. funny stuff..
    Just did my daily check over at and I saw an article “celtics shout at bulls after game 3 win” and apparently the celtics (KG) had some colorful trash talk for the bulls.
    Im sorry, but if KG is going to cuss out the bulls when we beat them, he should not be on the bench, and I think this is absolutely ridicolous that this happened. after the first 2 games were comple scared, can you please stay humble after the first big win of the series? god damnit that pisses me off

  • Lady Loveefer

    ”his year’s leading candidate to replicate P.J. Brown’s postseason success of a year ago had 19 points and 10 rebounds in 19 minutes, giving a Cleveland team the lift it needed in Game 3.”
    This quote is why PJ browns contributions to last years celtics are overrated.
    Joe smith had 19/10 in 19 minutes? why exactly would that remind anyone of PJ brown? PJ averaged 2/2 and hit a jumpshot in a game 7, therefore people forget he actually sucked

  • I love that when KG is in the locker room…. he get shit for not being on the bench. And when he’s on the bench… he gets shit for being KG… which is why he was in the locker room in the first place.
    Personally, I don’t care where he watches the game. To insinuate that KG being in the locker room doesn’t make him a team guy is dumb. We all know he’s all about team first. And when he’s on the bench, there’s no point in stifling his personality. He’s not hurting the team. So what if he cusses out the Bulls? You think he’s alone in that? You think the Bulls aren’t cussing either? C’mon… everyone’s trash talking everyone.

  • Baron

    No, theres absolutely no reason to cuss the bulls off the floor after soundly beating them when you still got 2 games to win…its something rondo, ray, and pierce would absolutely never do, and I just dont like it. If blowing them out wasnt enough, we rubbed it in their face and cussed them off the court…as if they need that further motivation? I now realize why KG doesnt watch the games on the floor when hes not playing, because its pretty much unnacceptable…how about staying humble and just beating the team you should be beating

  • I’m just going to clue you into something: Pierce, Ray and Rondo do it. Just about every player does it. KG takes it to another level… but they all do it.

  • another tim.

    I totally agree with john about this whole KG locker room thing. The same people that complained when he wasn’t on the bench are now complaining that he is. it’s bullshit.
    As far as this sportsmanship bs, the trash talk is what makes me love the NBA. It’s the only good thing about how poorly David Stern runs things. This stuff would never fly in the NFL. But the NBA isn’t on that level, and I love it. F sportsmanship.

  • Juan

    Rondo’s the shit!!

  • Len

    Um, no they dont cuss there opponets off the floor, period end of story. and no not just about every player does it, only KG does it….sorry but I saw what he did, and ive never seen it before, growling, pointing and cussing at the bulls bench in a blowout he had nothing to do with. no no no no, rondo and ray would do this? cmon now, please…they may cuss while on the court, which I couldnt care less, but what KG did wass simply stupid…is the series over? i mean why would you do that

  • baron

    Its not trash talk.
    and I have nothing wrong with any trash talk or bullying he does when hes playing and a games going on.
    After a blowout playoff game, you get up and cuss out a young bulls team that your team still has to beat twice?
    dumb, and I dont care which way you spin it, and no ray freaking allen and rondo would not do this. sorry.
    And its not that I dont want him on the bench, I like it, just literally show why when the game is over, and your team won, cant you not overreact and cuss over and over for no reasson