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Tony Allen Has to Go

Chuck - Red's Army April 24, 2009 Uncategorized 17 Comments on Tony Allen Has to Go


This Tony Allen death threat story is the final straw for me:

…sources say (Allen) has made a very bad enemy in his hometown. Allen had
been the target of alleged death threats for several months now,
sources told Yahoo! Sports, and the Celtics’ visit to Chicago is now
blanketed with around-the-clock protection.

“I wouldn’t want this dude after me,” one longtime Chicago friend of Allen’s said Thursday night.

“Is that what you want to write about?” Allen snapped when approached
to discuss the threats. “Is that what you want to write about?”

There are plenty of guys in the NBA with "off-the-court" issues, but it reaches a new level when your issues involve legitimate death threats. Most teammates can temporarily put aside the fact that you drink and drive or "allegedly" pushed around your girlfriend. But death threats? You wanna be walking behind TA onto the team bus when masked gunmen pop out of an alley?

Don't laugh. From the reports, this appears to be more than just a deranged fan. TA is still mixed up with a bad crowd.

Sources say this issue has nothing to do with that case (2007 aggravated assault trial), that Allen has
been a part of a dispute that’s gone unresolved for over a year.
Friends are worried for him, and so are the Celtics. In fact, one
long-time Allen friend was told by a Chicago police officer, a source
said, that he would be wise to steer clear of the Celtic this weekend.
Considering the source of these threats, no one with knowledge of the
issue is dismissing these protection steps as an overreaction.

Hell – I wouldn't even want to sit next to him on the bench.

Tony has teased us with his talent and frustrated us with injuries and dumb plays for several years now. It's time to move on. The Celtics don't need this kind of distraction especially in the playoffs.

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  • I think this is a bit of an overreaction. I think Tony has pretty much laid low since his legal issues a few years ago.
    There clearly wasn’t a distraction last night.

  • Tim (FD)

    Chuck how can you live with yourself after saying that?
    The Celtics are like a family. Would you just renounce a family member when times get tough? Would you just abandon a family member when they are facing death threats?
    Maybe you send him back to Boston, or you keep him in the hotel. But you absolutely, under no circumstances, cut ties with him in the middle of a playoff series. This is the time when you stick by him and support him.
    Damn Chuck quit jumping to conclusions when you don’t know what the whole situation is.

  • Tim you have to be kidding me right?

  • Jesse

    I’m a die-hard Celts fan – but they’re not a family – they’re a business. TA has been useless for a long time. I’d have no problem getting rid of him.

  • Lakerhater

    Its not like Danny didn’t try to unload him prior to the season, but when the Posey deal couldn’t get worked out they needed the body.
    As for the family analogy, I think TA is more like your dumb f*cking brother in law that everybody would like to have go away but he just keeps hanging around.
    Headcase, limited skills, oft injured, spotty shooter- clear the roster space the day after the season ends.

  • DRJ

    TA tries hard, sometimes. Hasn’t played much. Prone to mental lapses. Not a smart human, and that’s being kind… the man can barely speak an intelligible sentence.
    Truth is, I have always thought that TA is the one player on this team who doesn’t belong. I like the kid, but he’s not a Celtic. Trading him would be ok with me.
    Btw… making a threat on someone’s life is a felony. With this story all over the news, how is it that no one has been arrested? This story is way more complicated than we know (obviously, since we know almost nothing).

  • I agree, but more because Tony isn’t that good. There’s a reason we drafted Giddens AND Walker.
    I’ve never liked the “he’s not a Celtic” mentality, for the record. It’s like all the “true Yankee” arguments about Jeter and A-Rod. Totally meaningless.

  • Everyone should have a chance to turn things around. Tony had his when he went to court a couple years back and cleared that stuff up. But if he is still living the “thug-life” and putting other teammates in jeopardy, it’s not cool at all. I can only go by what the media says though, so I really don’t want to jump to conclusions. I would say if T.A. is a bad apple, Ainge and company will unload him this offseason-they’re pretty serious as seen in the Telfair issue….

  • BD

    What a douchebag that author, Adrian whatever his name is, is. He claims this makes Allen *and* the C’s look bad…how the fuck is a stupid decision on TA’s part any reflection on the C’s when the other guys on the team have NO problems?
    And I’ve been wanting to dump TA for a couple years now…now’s as good a time as any!

  • Papa Irish

    You’ve got to feel bad for TA, no he’s not been the most consistent player but can we ask for much more than he has given us, the guy does whatever he’s asked, he’s asserted himself into a role of a defensive stopper that was forced upon him by Doc, fyi 6’4 guys are not defensive stoppers, though he has been very good on D his time throughout his Celtic days
    the guy has battled through countless injuries and setbacks, no one seems to remember that this was the same guy who came in and started his rookie year for a team that made the playoffs
    that being said his time with the C’s has been extremely frustrating, from the countless injuries, to the flashes of brilliance, its sad to see that one of our own is having to deal with this
    you never wish for the worst in these kinds of situations, im just praying that he will be around for the celtics to decide whether they want to cut him or keep him

  • DRJ

    Ok, I agree that “true Celtic” sounds like hackneyed, meaningless feel-good bullshit. But to me it actually means something real, and simple: to play Celtics basketball, you have to be smart. It’s team ball at its highest level, on both O and D, and you must stay sharp and understand all the schemes, because you have only split-seconds to make decisions in games. Though I like TA’s energy and enthusiasm, I’ve always thought he just wasn’t smart enough for this team. He’d be better suited to… oh, any team Don Nelson’s coaching, for example.

  • G4L

    I’m all for giving BBD his on the salary cap.

  • Danno

    A death mark’s not an easy thing to live with. You’re a good fighter TA, I hate to lose you.
    Maybe TA could borrow a few bucks from KG to pay off Jabba and put this all behind him?

  • Baron

    Cant stand TA, and cant stand his fan boys either. It was confirmed last night to me on CSN when ryen russillo said doc was urging danny to trade him at the trading deadling, he said the gig was up and that tony isnt even a good defender.problem is, noone in the NBA wants him

  • Danno

    Most days, I wish Baron would just take a valium before posting here.
    Seriously dude, seek counseling. You need to get that ridiculous anger monkey on your back in check.

  • Nick

    Get rid of him!!!

  • Cedrick Allen

    All you people posting bad about my cousin are Bitches, he’ll remain a Celtic. Were doing fine hes not worried about this at all and hsa his priorities. The team is with him on this matter so all you pussys just back off