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Doc Pulling For Powe

RedsArmyAdmin April 24, 2009 Uncategorized 12 Comments on Doc Pulling For Powe

Very interesting item in the Herald:

“Oh, I lobby all the time. I just don’t do it publically,’’ he said.
“I lobby for all my guys. Any guy that has your team at heart, I’m
lobbying for him. It’s good to have soldiers in your locker room.

“Forget the basketball. For me that’s a huge loss,’’ said Rivers. “I
look at the big picture sometimes, and forget the basketball – he’s
going to be a free agent this year. He’s going to have reconstructive
surgery, there’s a chance he’s not going to get a contract. He’s done
everything right for his coach, and everything right for his team. This
kid was homeless, so that hurts. He’s everything that’s right about our

I second that.  I'd love to keep Leon.  I hope we can.

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  • Jp

    Been thinking about this since the injury. I don’t know enough about the type of injury to really say, but he’s had it before (right?). So here’s hoping he recovers fully and can contribute. I also hope Danny is talking to him all the way through and does right by him.
    Leon is everything anyone has ever loved about the Celtics.

  • He’s battled back before. I have to believe he’ll be back again. Get well Leon

  • JP – Totally agree. That guy is exactly what a Celtic should be. I want him on this team forever.

  • Jester00

    you think may have rushed him back????????

  • Leon POW

    A soldier is the perfect way to describe Leon. Guy will battle against anybody, regardless of size. You can see that when he’s playing he thinks every rebound is his and that is the type of guy you want coming off your bench. Just a shame but he’s overcome a lot to get where he is and given us no reason to doubt that he won’t overcome this

  • Papa Irish

    you have to feel bad for the guy, he almost certain had a nice pay day he was gonna cash in on, hopefully he can get back healthy and become the same player he was this year and get his payday down the road

  • Matty S

    Personally I think they rushed him back. He was probably worried about the OTHER knee which he just had surgery on, therefore he most likely was putting more pressure on the “good” knee rather than just playing like normal.
    I’m no doctor but I have seen and heard of this many times.

  • DRJ

    Here’s an idea. Of course, resign him. After the surg, in the long time after he’s walking but not ready to play, let him spend at least 3-4 hours a day developing/honing his midrange jump shot. That would make him even more valuable once he gets back.

  • Lakerhater

    If there is a silver lining in this, Danny will probably be able to sign him to a short term cheap deal now and still keep BBD. Keeping the nucleus of young promising players around during the Big Three “window” is Danny’s big challenge.

  • zippittyay


  • 11rings

    I hope Powe comes back with the Celtics. He’s the embodiment of Celtics Pride.

  • Dianne

    The Celtics should do right by Leon and give him the minimum he was due as a restricted free agent. Even if there is only a miniscule chance he can make it back – it’s the right thing to do and everyone (including players they would like to pick up) would see that the Celts are a stand-up organization.