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Theory: Paul Pierce is Injured

Bulls Blogger Sam Smith offers up one explanation for Paul Pierce's subpar play:

We know this playoff series between the Bulls and Boston Celtics is close. But consider this: What would be going on if the Celtics had Paul Pierce? 

What? You say they do. I don’t know. I haven’t seen him.

That Boston guy wearing No. 34. That couldn’t be Paul Pierce. Paul
Pierce doesn’t get his shot blocked by Derrick Rose in a one-point game
with 6:32 left in the fourth quarter, and then stand there and watch
the rookie save the ball and start a fast break for a three point play.

And now the stuff about the alleged injury:

I think Pierce is hurt.

I ran that by an NBA guy and he agreed that it sure looked like it.
We haven’t seen Pierce play this indifferently in two years. Finals
MVP. Team leader. I had been thinking maybe with Kevin Garnett out
Pierce had just given up, knowing the Celtics would not repeat.

But I’ve seen a changed player the last two years, a real competitor who’s almost impossible to stop. It doesn’t make sense.

I don't buy it simply because I haven't seen Pierce limp or grimace or wince. After he explodes for 30 tonight (see previous post) all this talk will die.

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  • FSantos33

    He doesn’t look hurt to me? Does he look hurt to you? Paul is used to having so much help and now is just not the same with all the injuries. I don’t think he’s given up feeling the Celtics would not repeat. He has pride a lot more pride than we know. Paul was drafted by the Celtics and he is Celtics for life till the wheels fall off. He ain’t no quitter. He’ll bring it tonight dammit.

  • I’ll repeat what I said in the last post-Pierce is due, and I think he’ll have a big game tonight. Especially with all the double and triple teams Scal’s gonna draw. ba-dum-bum….

  • FSantos33

    What’s up with this typing in the numbers and letters box prior to posting comments? Does it have to be in here?

  • bigmck

    Depends if we like you or not FSantos33! I think we can remove it, it just protects us from spammers. We’ll probably remove it.

  • bigmck

    Captia was removed…

  • Matty S

    I remember that point in the game (when PP got blocked and just stayed at that end of the court while Rose ran down and scored).
    I couldn’t believe it either. It was a REAL close game at that point and the CAPTAIN is going to just STAND there after he gets blocked? I was stunned.
    Either way, I think he might have needed a game or two to get going. He was playing TONS when KG was out. More than he ever has I think. Then he got a pretty damn good amount of rest between then and the playoffs. Maybe the guys just needed to get loose.
    But you are right though I have not seen him limping, grimacing, etc. So I doubt that he is injured.

  • Matty S

    Also, I agree that you need to make the comment posters’ names bigger. I can’t differentiate between em’.

  • FSantos33

    I am family brother ha.. Thanks for removing Captia.

  • Dianne

    It looks to me like he’s just too tired.

  • Baron

    Paul could easily be hurt, but the thing about him is hes not going to make excuses about it, Period. Most people dont know he had a bone bruise in his knee the entire year last season. well, he gutted it out, played 80 games and ended up Finals MVP. he had a pretty rough series in atlanta, and there were theories about a pierce back injury, he never confirmed it.
    Once again, i think way too much is being made of paul pierce 2 last games
    23/7 and 18/8 is I guess bad for him, but not bad in general. when ray allen has a bad game, he scored 2 points. yet I see noone asking if hes injured, or if hes worn down. I also just dont understand why everyone can question Paul Pierce, the real unquestioned leader of this team, but the second you suggest maybe KG is declining (which he most certainly is) you get verbally assaulted. Pierce has played in less games, played less minutes and is the youngest out of the big 3. Hes the furthest from being “worn down”
    Is he tired? no. Its called being double teamed, also getting a different defender getting thrown at him every time down the court. I havent seen PP get defended this well in quite some time. give the bulls credit instead of wondering whether paul is ‘done’
    Okay, so my simple answer to the question, is paul pierce injured? yes, when isnt he? hes had a bad knee for a while now, but that didnt stop him from carrying a depleted team all year

  • IanD

    I hope/think he is over due to break out, kinda like Papi right now. Tonight should be a great game!
    Love the new site, no more little scroll with in the big scroll!! awsome

  • Baron

    Alright, after reading that article again, some things stick it out to me
    Now that Leon is out, the Bulls will use Tim Thomas (yay) he was useless in this series when you could just put leon out there to expose him in the post. not so much anymore.
    and, there is definetly something going on with Pierce, like I said in my previous post…
    why? john salmons cant defend pierce, but somehow has, and with a groin injury no less? thats all I need to know.
    The thing is, he can still explode when injured.
    hell, rondos injured right now too.
    Im not buying Sam Smiths theory of ray allen crediting pierce for getting him going as ray trying to cover for paul…thats ridicoulous. obviously smith isnt out on the court, and if you watch the game it wass clear pierce wanted to get the ball to ray everytime down the court, and said he was repeatedly telling every celtic to get him open.;

  • Baron

    Just went over to realGM, where they have an article about pierce being content with a “supporting role”
    Im offically peeved.I dont care if his final stat line if 0/0/0/0/0/ …theres nothing he can do that would make him just a ‘supporting player’ …supporting players dont get double teamed and get a different defender thrown at them every time down the court, and nearly have a double double in both opening games.
    it also goes on to say “he is healthy” just specualting, basically because like I said earlier, pierce doesnt talk about his injuries.
    there isnt a guy in the league that plays through more injuries without talking about them.
    rondo and ray have starred for us so far in this series? i find that funny too, because ray allen had about as bad a first 6 quarters IVE EVER SEEN. of course he has the miracle 2nd half in game 2, and all of a sudden hes fine. Paul Pierce has been more consistent then ray in this series, sorry realGM

  • Jester00

    Celtic’s by 12 tonight and over under on beers I drink because I’m golfing tomm Also maybe I’m getting older this formmat is tought read every thing is so small, I like the look though

  • DRJ

    You asked for feedback, so here’s some:
    – Nice new clean look
    – No more double scroll bar
    Not as good/suggestions:
    – All the fonts are smaller, harder to read. This looks cooler, but makes the site less usable and friendly.
    – The Comments count right below the headlines was something we used a lot. It is missed.
    – The light gray color used under each post, combined with the small font size, makes it very hard to read. It has become a struggle.
    – The vertical lines separating the posts from the stuff on the sides was an aspect of the old site that made it comfortable, accessible.
    – Personally, I liked the vertical lines you used to use to the left of quotes. The new green color seems messier to me.
    – I agree with other commenters who have pointed out that the right side of the banner could be improved. To me, it looks too dark, can’t see details at all.
    – In general, the old site had a lot of character, was not like other sites. This new one has lost some of that. Not bad, just less quirky.

  • Tim (FD)

    Please, please, stop posting this garbage John.
    Paul Pierce is not injured. He’s not even playing poorly. He’s had two slightly below par games. It happens. Let’s talk about something else that’s more important than making up false injuries.
    Perhaps the fact that the Celtics need to get Perk the ball early in the game in order to get Noah and/Thomas into foul trouble so that Rondo, Pierce, and Marbury can take it to the hoop without having to worry about a tremendous shotblocker awaiting them.

  • Scott S

    I think he is hurt. if you watch the last minute of the philly game at the end of the season–he hurt his/calf/knee/ankle are and was grimacing bad and shaking it.