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The Truth Will Be Heard

Chuck - Red's Army April 23, 2009 Uncategorized 14 Comments on The Truth Will Be Heard


Here are some of the headlines regarding Paul Pierce's play so far in the playoffs:

Pierce Showing Patience
Salmons Holds Off Pierce Takeover
Pierce Feeling a Little Out of Rhythm
Pierce Content with Supporting Role

You think the Truth is a little tired of all this talk? Is there any change he goes off and delivers a 30 point performance tonight? My guess is – yes.

Here's Perk's take:

“I don’t think he’s lost his confidence, but once his shot gets going
it’s all right. Make the extra pick, and let him attack more. Once he
attacks, it will be over.”

The Bulls are pretty good on their home court: 28-13 for the season and they won 14 out of final 16. But remember, this is the same Bulls team that got blown out by Toronto at home in the final game of the season with playoff seedings on the line.

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  • Matty S

    Holy new site layout!
    Gonna take some getting used to!

  • Matty S

    No NESN ad either! 🙂
    I think you are right, this might have been just what the doctor ordered for Pierce. A mediocre couple of games and now everyone saying “Pierce hasn’t got any left” or, “Pierce knows he can’t win without Garnett so he is mailing it in”.
    Obviously we fans that know Paul know that this is far from THE TRUTH. And I think Paul is going to take these comments from the haters and use them to fuel a playoff coming out party.
    Lets go C’s!

  • Baron

    Generally, Im disgusted by peoples negative opinions about pierce after 2 subpar playoff games
    what the hell makes paul pierce overrated?
    how the hell is paul pierce overrated?
    2 subpar playoff games?
    Game 1: 23/7
    Game 2: 18/8
    If people make overrated articles after 2 games such as that, after a season of carrying a depleted team…they are just flat out stupid, theres no other way to describe it, and those 2 stat lines being put into question shows how GREAT of a player he actually he is….hm you expect more then that? that means hes good, figure it out
    If John Salmons had those stat lines theyd be talking about how great of a series hes had

  • Matty S

    Here Here Baron!

  • Yeah… it’s because he’s not taking over superstar style.
    The real thing about Pierce is the Bulls defense. They are typically running 2 guys at him and trying to take him out of the offense.
    Why do you think Glen Davis is so open?

  • Papa Irish

    Yea but he clearly needs to play better, im not making the case that pierce is overrated, he’s not, just that he has played bad
    he has had a good stat line sure, but he as caused the offense to go stagnent trying to take his man one on one
    he is not making the top of the key jump shot that his game centers around, he is making way to many turnovers, and he is not generating anything when chicago doubles him
    part of his bad play has been caused by the forced iso when his shot clearly has not been there, causing him to try to do too much

  • Dead Auerbach

    John Salmons will abuse Small Queerce once again

  • Clearly, one of the kinks we need to work on is our troll filter.

  • Tim (FD)

    I don’t think it’s the defense at all. Matter of fact, I don’t think it’s anything. It’s just people trying to over-analyze.
    He’s had two average games. We don’t need 30 every night from Pierce to win. We are not the Cavs.

  • Papa Irish

    he just needs to limit turnovers, thats the biggest thing he needs to do, that and create more oppurtunities for the other guys when they double him

  • Oh P-Dub is due for a big game, and I think tonight’s the night. When better to do it then in front of Mr. Stern and on the Bull’s homecourt. BTW, any chance we can change the color of the font that shows who the poster is..? That light grey is impossible to read.

  • FSantos33

    Captain “MUST” bust out an all star performance and carry the Celtics to the winner’s circle. Bulls will continue to double team the hell out of him so he, Doc and Team must make the proper adjustments. Celtics are running out of bodies- It’s very important to get off to a good start and cannot let up to the energetic Bulls.

  • FSantos33

    Site suggestions:
    I know you guys are still working out the kinks so no worries.
    – Change fonts of posters to brighter color
    – Consider changing the PP, KG, RA picture (Top right page) to higher quality
    – Would be nice to see how many people responded to a posted headline.
    No other changes needed in my opinion – Keep up the good work and thanks.

  • nate

    I think you’re behind in the contest b/c basketbawful has an image and red’s army is just a red link.