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Welcome To The New RedsArmy.com

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally modernized the place. 

We hope you enjoy the new Red's Army.  We think the new look is cleaner, and it will make getting around the site a lot easier.

There are still some kinks to work out.  We couldn't import the comments from the past few days, and some of the posts we imported are a little funky… but overall, we like the new look.  We hope you do tool.

If you've got a suggestion, leave it in the comments section. 

Thanks, and enjoy!
John & Chuck

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  • Great job, guys. Looks great.

  • Pretty. In a manly, sports way. Great job.

  • LarryLegend

    Very nice fellas. Much better and much cleaner!

  • Tim (FD)

    I liked the orinal redsarmy way better…. and when I say original I mean the one with the hardwood floor in the background. That was classic.
    I’m sure this will grown on me though.

  • NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Great job fellas!

  • bigmck

    Reds Army circa 2006 was pretty cool except for the fact it took us 45 minutes to publish a post.

  • bigmck

    did you all have to enter that captia to get your comments to post?

  • Ryan (UNH)

    Well the 2006 version had no comment section on the main site…. thats why the forums use to be so popular. Btw, did we ever get a final tally of the most frequent posters during the forum era?

  • FSantos33


  • Ryan N

    you should move the nba scoreboard to one of the side columns… otherwise its pretty slick. are you allowed to change the banner in the middle of the blog banner contest?

  • Dead Auerbach

    Nice upgrades

  • Tim (FD)
  • Tim (FD)

    By the way, my favorite part of redarmy circa 2006 was John’s photoshopping skills. I still remember the Delonte on the Peaches can like it was yesterday.

  • Pretty cool-will take a while to adjust and set-up stuff with TypeKey, but it’s worth it for a smoother running site. Can’t wait to see this headband contraption thing that Scal has…

  • oh..one complaint-can you change the color of the font that shows the posters name. It’s really light grey and hard to read..anyone else feel that way..? thx.

  • Papa Irish

    The new design is gonna take a little time to get used to
    it looks pretty slick though, job well done
    only thing is the comment section is hard to see who posted a comment
    before i could clearly see if the comment was from a troll or loyal follower that i recognized now i have to search a bit lol

  • Papa Irish

    and yea chuck, the captia thing has happened to me every time, its annoying as hell

  • Nate H.

    first of all …. this reminds me of the new barstool to an extent… and second of all… it took me about half an hour to get to the new site… When i clicked the link on the old site it would just bring me to the same page… and when i typed it in the browser… it would do the same thing… It only worked when i ented the URL without the “www.” before it … pretty strange

  • FYI: I got rid of the captia by taking a moment to set-up a type-pad account. Now I comment freely..

  • DRJ

    Well, it’s kinda weird that the old site comes up with http://www.redsarmy.com, and the new one with just redsarmy.com. You need to unify them. Plus the link you left in the old site… goes right back to the old site. Or maybe the change just hasn’t propagated to my ISP, don’t know.

  • Papa Irish

    sweet that worked, i miss the pics on the side though, especially now that i could finally have one

  • Zauer

    Great outlook, but… This logo in top right corner is crappy. Pierce looks like Bigfoot. Hope you guys get it as pisitive critics.

  • ThatGuyOverTheOcean

    This is kind of random but a really interesting read:
    Posted by: Tim (FD) | April 23, 2009 at 12:06 AM
    I understand the guys, as in NCAA everyone gets rich but them, but after watching the outcome of the Jennings experiment I don’t know what to say. I’ve seen him live, and I say he needs at least one or two pro years to be a decent player… and still he will be one of the top picks. But I don’t think he’ll ever be a factor in the NBA. He has many weaknesses and nowaddays nobody in the league wants to spend time teaching players.

  • Baron

    Can you believe someone started a “trade rondo” thread over at the celticsblog forums? some people are tottally ignorant, thing is if you tell them you get banned over at that nazi camp
    TRADE RONDO? bwhahahahah…god damn what a moron…seriously if someone saif that to my face, my reaction might be to punch them in the head

  • Trade Rondo? What a fucking idiot. He’s the future of this franchise. We could be raising his number to the rafters someday.

  • Baron

    Well said…and exactly…not only is rondo the future of the franchise, hes also the present, and I feel its turning into his team right before our eyes. hes been the best player on the floor for us this playoff series.
    Not much worse then basketball.org calling Paul Pierce overrated….hmmm…how the hell is PP overrated? cause he had two subpar playoff games? well, he was finals MVP last season, and if thats the case Ill chalk up Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul as all being frauds.
    PP is still underrated if theres still articles about him being overrated.

  • bigmck

    Thanks for the responses on the site. We plan to add a whole bunch of widgets and links along the sidebars. And yes..the light grey type is a bit annoying. We’ll try to adjust that too.

  • YAY! Finally the frames are finally dead! Well done guys.

  • Dave

    I like it

  • Scott S

    You should try to make your header link back to home page
    very nice!

  • Papa Irish

    who would you want to get in a trade for rondo: durant? roy? derron williams? cp3? Decon harris and brooke lopez and 2 first rounders?
    thats about all i would trade for him, and its unrealistic that teams trade their franchise player, for rondo, even though he cleary though a player of his caliber woould warrant the return of that type of talent
    but because he has essentially played 4th fiddle in peoples minds, NBA gm’s would not want to take the backlash of trading their star player for rondo- even if their star player is no where near as talented or has as high of ceiling as him
    it is similar to the parker for j kidd swap that almost happened, even though parker was at that point was arguably better with a much higher ceiling, new jersey was reluctant to trade kidd because of his star power and the backlash from the fanbase

  • Stephen

    Very, very good upgrade. Love Bartstool Sports but they should have talked to your designer before going ahead with their new site…