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“We Want Tacos”

RedsArmyAdmin April 22, 2009 Uncategorized Comments Off on “We Want Tacos”

You're looking at the singe biggest thing that inspires Los Angeles Lakers fans. It's not Kobe. It's not the pursuit of a title. It's a taco.
At least, that's the impression I got when, at the end of game 1 against Utah… when Lakers fans, louder than I've ever heard them chant anything in 20 years, started chanting "We Want Tacos!" And if you think "oh, this is a Celtics fan seizing any opportunity he can to bash Lakers fan… well, yes, there's some of that. But even other Lakers fans are miffed.

… We Want Taco’s, really?
Lakers Nation, we have a problem. If you’re lucky enough to land tickets to a playoff game, you have a responsibility to matter. You’re 1 of 18,997 fans representing the millions of people that are the Lakers Nation. You owe it to the rest of the Laker faithful to turn Staples Center into an opposing players’ nightmare. If tacos are more exciting than what’s happening on the court, then by all means, sell your ticket to a real fan and enjoy your afternoon at Taco Bell.

I'm trying think of something to say here… but this is pathetic enough that I can just let it sit and marinate. Lakers fans, on national TV, chanting about tacos. Delicious.
Thanks to Matt for sharing this, despite his claims that the Celtics are dead.

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