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Surgery On Hold

RedsArmyAdmin April 22, 2009 Uncategorized Comments Off on Surgery On Hold

The KG saga continues… but at least it’s continuing in a direction that gives me hope that he’ll return at some point. KG has put off knee surgery.

“He’s not going to do it right now,” Rivers said of the procedure. “He was looking and searching for it and then he just decided to wait.”

Hey Doc… what happened to “Kevin Garnett ain’t playing in these playoffs”?

“All I’m saying is that we’re still looking at this the same way we did last week,” he said. “But if he can come back, then we’d obviously take that. I still don’t think he can, but why would you ever want to take away that possibility?”

So the door is still open. I’m not going to analyze this anymore. What the hell is there to say?
By the way, one note on Leon Powe and his torn ACL… he’s got to be the toughest bastard alive:

“He played three minutes with a torn ACL on the floor. He didn’t come out. He kept playing. It just says so much about Leon Powe the person”

Go ahead and look up video of what happens to people who tear an ACL. They all hit the deck writhing in pain. Leon just winced. Probably something he picked up in his prior career as The Black Night.

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