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New Public Enemy #1

RedsArmyAdmin April 22, 2009 Uncategorized Comments Off on New Public Enemy #1

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Man, Joakim Noah is one really hate-able guy. Part of it is because of his histrionics out on the court. Part of it is, well, he's REALLY ugly. And part of it is his histrionics on the court (those REALLY bother me). I mean, what's he doing here… is he really going after Kendrick Perkins?
It makes it easier to hate him when he plays well for Chicago… and he's playing well. He's blocking shots and rebounding… making him very annoying for a Celtics fan. There's nothing more infuriating than playing good defense and then having someone like Noah come in and get the tip back.

The big talk for Chicago has been Derrick Rose's game 1 and Ben Gordon's game 2. But it's really been guys like Noah, and Tyrus Thomas, that have been killers for the C's.

Every time the C's started to make a little run, one of those guys would step up and do something that kept the Celtics from shaking the Bulls (Thomas and Noah combined for 10 blocks).
So some of this might be bitterness. And maybe I'd like him if he played for me. But right now, I hate Joakim Noah.

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