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“I should have played him more”

That's what Doc said about Stephon Marbury after practice today.

“Steph’s going to be fine. He should have been more aggressive but I should have played him more,” Rivers said after practice on Sunday. “I don’t think I played Steph enough last night to get him going. I thought in the first half the second unit actually had a nice little rhythm going, and in the second half I didn’t play him as much.”

Meanwhile, Ray Allen ended today's practice with a three pointer… showing that *gasp* he can still shoot!  Rondo had some thoughts about making life easier for Ray and Paul.

"Probably get him shots in transition," Rondo said of Allen, "that's how he gets his jump shots. He didn't get any layups — he missed a dunk — the way our team is built, especially with KG (Kevin Garnett) out, we need to get out on the break a little more, get Ray and Paul easy shots, get them to the free throw line. That way, their jump shots are flowing easier."

Easy shots will be nice.  But it's really simple.  Run your offense, make your rotations on D, and you'll win.  They can't hang when you do that.

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  • Mike

    The Herald just reported that KG was seen working out with the Celts trainers at the practice facility today. This story just won’t go away.

  • JD

    No, Steph shouldn’t have played more; why play someone 5-10 extra minutes when they’re playing like crap and Rondo is playing brilliantly.

  • anon e mus

    not a celts fan, but love the site for a while now. keep up the good work. just one thing, why is it set up wit the two scroll bars, it is so annoying for me to read things! is this done intentionally? thanks