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Where Did “Out For The Playoffs” Come From?

(thanks to BostonSportz for the vid)

No one seems to know what the hell is really wrong with KG's knee.  But I DO know one thing… no one has said KG is out for the playoffs.  Doc said himself that's its not official… but it was official to him.  But Doc is the same guy who expected KG to play 30 minutes in game 1.

Allow us to set the record straight for everyone.

Kevin Garnett has NOT officially been shut down for the duration of the playoffs.  He will definitely miss the first round.  That's all we know.

But writers around town have latched onto this "out for the season" thing for some reason.  Doc said he "might" be.  Not "he is".  Quite honestly, I think it's a bit irresponsible.  It's factually incorrect.  And it's leading to pieces like this one in SI where trainers are just guessing at what might be wrong with KG, and then making a diagnosis on it.

"There's probably a tear there," said one trainer. "I have a hard time seeing how a player with the pain tolerance of Garnett isn't able to play with a strain. Especially when you consider he has missed so much time with the injury already."

Oh… ho-hum… I'm a trainer that never even saw KG or talked to the doctors that looked at his knee… but I'm going to say there's probably a tear in there for the hell of it.  It's not like that's going to incite a panic and rampant, uneducated speculation.

You know what?  Everyone needs to chill the hell out… and wait to see what the future brings.  The Eastern Conference Finals are a full month away. Who knows what's going to happen then?

Christ.  Is Red's Army the ONLY voice of reason in this town?

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  • Tim (FD)

    If anybody had a chance to catch Grande on Comcast Sports Tonight, his argument made me feel much more at ease.
    He basically said that Doc was clearly frustrated in the interview Thursday morning, and might have made the KG situation seem more dire for several reasons. First, as many of us could have guessed, it was to send a message to his own team. The rest of the team needs to prepare as if KG never was even a member of this team. Second, a great deal of his frustration probably came from the fact that he had just learned Danny Ainge had suffered a heart attack. As we all know, Doc and Danny converse about every matter of business. Danny advises Doc on every issue, and vice versa. Obviously, Doc didn’t have a chance to talk with Danny on Thursday morning so he was clearly frustrated/confused/upset.
    In my opinion, KG WILL be back for the Eastern Conference Finals.

  • “Don’t..don’t..don’t believe the hype..!” How f’in appropriate! THAT’S why I love this site! Can’t wait ’til tomorrow-will be at the game. My usual offer of a cold one goes out to any redsarmy soldiers who are in attendance and want to hang. Come down to Section 18 row A. I’ll be on the aisle in a 43 Perkins green shirt. GO GREEN!

  • Bird’s Nephew

    Mannix is one of the worst writers out there. Does anyone on this site think he’s a good writer?

  • You know what I love?
    I put up a post at 11pm on a Friday night… and we get 2 comments within 15 minutes.
    You guys are fucking awesome. I love our readers.

  • clumsy

    Let’s go Boston!!! Lets prove doubters that they are ***** wrong!!! We support you C’s here in the Philippines!
    *I have to be awake by 12:30 am here to watch Game 1*
    Will all the fans at the garden all be wearing that shirt?

  • Jesse

    Regardless of this, that and the other – Playoff Time tomorrow baby! For that I thank Danny and the rest of the fellas – we all know how dry the drought was for all those years.
    Let’s do this!

  • Mizzle

    Great post! I have been trying to say this to everyone I’ve spoke with since the news of KG’s injury came out. The man is a warrior. We have NOT seen the last of him.
    For the Eastern Conference Finals, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! And I believe P2 can lead us there.

  • papa irish

    Whether KG is able to come back or not at this point, our guys have to prepare as though he wont
    i think it would be best if we as fans generally held these same expectations as the team and not rely on KG coming back or more importantly pressure him into coming back unhealthy or get into the mindset that we are just waiting for him to come back
    if he comes back and can play, that would be great, inspiring and all but… we cant expect it to happen

  • DRJ

    KG may indeed come back. He’s not incapacitated, and Doc may have overreacted. He will almost certainly not come back for any long stretch, nor contribute big minutes. But there may be a Willis Reed moment. He may come in at some critical moment, when fouls and/or injury have put our backs to the wall, to rally the troops.
    These playoffs may end up being the worst or the best of times. There’s no knowing. We can be sure of two things: The drama will be intense. And anything is possible.

  • zauer

    Great post. Anyway – KG situation becoming like soap opera.

  • Baron

    I have no understanding to those of you who think KG will suddenly come bursting out of the tunnell in the ECF, first of all we might not make it there without him. secondly, just give me a break, if theyre lieng about anything, its the severit of the injury, as in its worse then theyre telling, not better.
    At that point he wouldnt have played competitive basketball in…hmm 4 months? he would still be limping, the cavaliers would exploit him and he would be a liability on the floor and be risking his health for next season and his career longevity…what dont you people understand about basketball shape? which KG is nowhere near, and if we even make the ECF that would be an accomplishment in itself and we would just take our chances with the healthy guys, and probably even be better off with a 100% glen davis then a 75 % KG ( KGS game is solely based on athletisicm, if he sits out 4 months and has a bum knee, he would be useless)


    Its not like he’s in Oliver Miller shape, and I’ll still take a limping KG for 1 minute on the court if just for inspiration. That being said let’s take care of the Bull’s first. Being familar with this team they can be dangerous, if the Celtics let them hang around. I know Paul,Ray and Rondo are going to step up big time!!! I tell ya our chances to survive are fair, Mutiny on the Bounty. So let’s not throw KG overboard just yet.

  • Nickels

    If it was a tear of any sort, he would have had surgery by now, not the wait and hope it heals approach.