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Epic Battle

RedsArmyAdmin April 18, 2009 Uncategorized 28 Comments on Epic Battle

It was an epic battle of the point guards today. Derrick Rose shut me, and all my talk about a rookie wilting in the spotlight, up with 36 points and 11 assists in 50 minutes.  Rajon Rondo had 29 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists… but other than that, the Celtics flat out sucked offensively, and it cost them.  The Bulls take game 1, 105-103.

Ray Allen had his worst game of the season, scoring 4 points on 1-11 shooting.  Pierce was 8-20 for 23 points, but a lot of it came courtesy of a play we haven't seen in a while (for good reason), Paul Pierce posting his guy up about 40 feet from the basket, then turning and making a 1-on-1 move.  Not to mention, Pierce had a chance to put the C's up 1 with 2.6 seconds left and Chicago without any time outs, but he missed the free throw.

Chicago did a great job defending the basket.  They played with a ton more energy.  The Celtics played like crap.  Doc summed it up:

"There was no ball movement. It just looked like everybody decided that they were gonna be The Man tonight."

I guess if you wanted to take an optimistic approach, the Bulls beat the Celtics by 2 in overtime… and it took a God-like performance from Derrick Rose and crappy performances from Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.  What are the odds that both of those things happen again?

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  • I picked one helluva game to miss. As depressed as I am, no way Ray scores just 4 points in any other game. Then again, we were saying that last year for the first two rounds.
    A lot of Laker fools have posted junk in the comments. They are still jealous of last year’s success (at their expense) and I think they want us to lose more than they want LA to win.

  • yaya

    say bye to the champion

  • Hrvoje

    it has only begun. hope this wakes them up.
    but; what to choke, wow!
    Rondo is great in steals, poking the ball, but containing players one on one face to face, umm… no. not to mention guarding class one players like Rose. Put TA on him. Solved.

  • ShooterMcGavin

    celtics inside presence was a joke this game

  • double P reppin the B

    It’s not that it was a joke, they literally had NO inside presence. Rondo better contain Rose in the next games or this is going to be a long series. The celtics looked so damn flat, had no fight in them. It was like they were thinkin yea yea yea the bulls will be easy and it bit them in the ass

  • Orb

    What happened to the iso with Leon on Thomas? It worked three times in a row and then they never did it again. And if KG didn’t explode off the bench with 3 techs during a game played this poorly, I don’t know what they were worried about before.

  • Sal

    The help defense was very bad all game. Rondo looks bad defensively because nobody else ever cut Rose off when he got by him. Red’s right about the long odds of this happening four times. Garnett will hold Big Baby’s family hostage if that’s what it takes to get him to play defense.

  • JD

    Seriously, there is no way you can guard a man one on one in the NBA, and keep him out of the lane, especially with a thousand picks being thrown at you. Thats why its called TEAM DEFENSE, which the Celtics didn’t play today. Big Baby, Leon and Mikki cannot defend the paint, and thats why Rose went off today. Perk can’t do it all on his own.

  • Jp

    Hey KG!!!
    Man up and join your team on the bench. Sucks to be hurt and suck to be in street clothes, but it is a team and the team needs everyone to push for the wins.

  • George the Juicer

    Lol im loving the article “Why the Bulls Have No Shot” now

  • LOL

    damn if that was kobe he would of made those two free throws just like when LA proved it’s the best team in the league beating Boston and the Cavs.

  • NineSevenEight

    I thought the Celtics looked pathetic. No energy. No urgency. No nothing. They talked so much about everyone being wrong about counting them out and only did more to prove everyone’s point. I was extremely excited for this game and utterly disappointed with the lack of passion.
    They looked like they wanted to be on the golf course even earlier. Rondo and Perk carried the team, carried the ALL-STARs in Ray and Paul for as long as they could and it wasn’t enough. They had plenty of opportunities to win the game, DESPITE themselves. They just stood taking jump shots. No ball movement. No slashing. Nothing. It was hard to watch, really.
    I don’t think we’ve ever seen Ray shoot as poorly and as inaccurately as he did today. WAY OFF 3ptrs. It was ugly. I think that missed slam (overplaying) attempt was a bad omen of things to come for him. When does Ray slam? Never. Why did he try to today? I really expected him to turn it around in the second half but he was just invisible, almost a liability. FOUR POINTS? Ray Allen? Never would have thought. I hope it’s not a preview of Ray’s playoff performances of last season. I’m happy that he’s taking responsibility calling his performance “unacceptable.” Ray’s the man and has been all season. He’s won games for the C’s and I’m hoping to see the old Ray back next game.
    Overall, it looked like a team of “woe is us” KG’s not here to help. They need to overcome it and get it out of their heads. KG’s not back for the playoffs. DONE DEAL! Show some fight for &*^$%%$ sake!
    Celtics really have to turn things around if they want to make it to the next round.

  • CFH

    If this game had been on TNT, Kenny Smith would have said that the Celtics (excepting Rondo and the Beast) played like they had one foot on the plane to Bermuda.
    Like the esteemed blogger, I don’t think they will play that way again.
    Still, that was painful.

  • Fsantos33

    Really, was I surprised by the Celtics performance today? Not so much. Ray Allen’s choke fiesta jumpers was in affect today horrible Ray.
    Pierce weird free throw release choke job was F’in Great.
    Only Celtics player showed up was Rondo. He man’d up and went toe to toe with D. Rose. Rose played out of his F’in mind. (Props to him). It was almost like little man’s version epic battle between Bird and Wilkins.
    Yea DRJ, how fitting was it that Ray ice cream Allen missed the last shot of the game. I would’ve set up a play for Perkins to shoot before I let Ray shoot today.
    What are the odds of Pierce and Ray repeating this kind of performance? Not likely but it’s possible. I see this Baby Bulls team being fearless led by D. Rose. They are young, fearless, and energetic we don’t match up very well with this kind of team.
    I am not writing off our beloved Celtics but the writing is on the wall already. We don’t have the championship swagger (Don’t think we had it since KG went down) and supporting cast is lacking the right ingredients for a title run.
    Everyone can see and feel what I am saying. This might be a long series and I am not looking forward for the rest of it. I still think Celtics will save face and win in six or worst case scenario seven games.
    *Hope Rondo’s ankle wasn’t twisted too badly or we’ll be really screwed with a 50% RR on Monday.

  • fore evergreen

    come on.!!rose was throwing shit up and it was going in.!!

  • Maybe this is just the wake-up call this team needed all along. Rose won’t play like this every game and the same goes for Ray Allen. The Celtics are still the favorites to win the series, but the home court advantage is gone…for now…

  • Danno

    Paul wasn’t much better than ray.
    More important missed free throws and DUMB turnovers form Paul have cost us close games than anything else, all year long.


    Haha sucks for Boston.
    It will be a Cavs-Lakers finals.

  • ThatGuyOverTheOcean

    We had never lost a game to the Bulls in the playoffs, not even against Jordan… the game was shameful, an upset is on the way if they don’t change their minds quickly. More than the poor percentages I hated the team attitude, it seemed like the C’s didn’t care about playing D or with intensity… that was horrible.

  • CelticBalla32

    On the bright side, I met JoJo White at the Garden…
    In all seriousness, that was one hell of a game to be at. The outcome could have been better for me personally, but that game was ridiculously intense.
    Rose vs. Rondo was awesome to watch, and I think it’ll be one of the more exciting matchups to follow for a long time. Rondo was brilliant, but Rose took that game over and showed why he was the #1 pick last June. He has the “it factor,” that’s for sure.
    I thought Kirk Hinrich’s defensive pressure changed the game, as well. Even when he was on the much bigger Pierce, he made plays and got Pierce flustered. He bothered Ray. He even slowed down Rondo for a small stretch. Hinrich didn’t score much, but I think he was the second most important player on the floor for Chicago.
    Tough loss, but it isn’t time to panic just yet. We can bounce back in Game 2 and hopefully steal home court advantage back by splitting in Chicago as well. We’ll see what happens. All I know is that if we are going to have any kind of chance at advancing, Ray Allen needs to be a factor. A huge factor. I’m confident that he will, but he’s off to a rough start.

  • G4L

    Not worried… Just a little, The C’s still got this!

  • TH

    What’s the story with Barstool? They boot you from the blog and then rip-off your posts? Yeah, they cited but no link? That is beat.
    Anyways, The Cs will turn it around, no doubt. They will beat the Bulls and I think they have a strong chance to beat the Magic. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and tout the theory that we are going to lose some games “intentionally” in order to drag each series to 7 games so that we can try and get KG back for the Cavs. Hah. Dare to dream.

  • CelticBalla32

    Baron: typical bandwagon-like comment. Ashamed of the team when the lose, but I’m willing to bet that you promote yourself as the “biggest Celtics fan” when they’re winning.
    A real fan sticks with the team through thick and thin. Everybody that truly felt magic in their hearts and souls last year know exactly what I’m talking about. The others have no clue.
    The sky hasn’t fallen, people. Hell, if you want a recent example, the 2001 Sixers stole Game 1 at Staples in the NBA Finals. The Lakers, who were the better team just as the Celtics are better than the Bulls, came back to win the next four games.
    One loss doesn’t define the series. Four do. Until that happens, we’ve got just as good a shot to take this series as Chicago. In fact, we should still be favored.
    Relax, folks.

  • Fsantos33

    Balla32, Baron is a real fan just got over emotional and it was a frustrated comment and he is no frontrunner just tough love for the team. He can sleep it off and feel better tomorrow just like most of us.
    You are more understanding and is more mathematical and logical fan. Thanks for calming some of us down today.
    The Celtics really need to bounce back with vengeance and play with major urgency on Monday. If we don’t play with more heart then it ain’t going to be pretty. The Baby Bulls aren’t Babies anymore they can be called the Teenage Bulls after today’s win.

  • zippittyay

    the heck with KG, BRING BACK LUCKY!!!

  • Lakers or Cavs. Who do you want to pass it on to? Do you really want to see it lost to an Eastern team?

  • Uncle Leo

    Amazing. You lose one game in a seven game series and the world is falling apart. I’m not even a Celtics fan and think they’ll bounce back.

  • Baronr

    Hey, Celticballa, shut the f-up, and get off your high horse where you think youre a better fan then someone else. you son of a bitch.
    I never said anything about giving up on the team, I said I was disappointed in there performance, and even ray called it unacceptable. it was a joke. Im not going to sit here and give credit where it isnt due…if they lose in the first round, am I suppose to be proud? f-off