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What the Bulls are Saying

On KG not playing in first round:

''I'll believe it when I see it,'' Bulls forward John Salmons said. ''I'm not buying it.''

'Kevin could say all of a sudden he feels better and wants to play 20 minutes, [so] we'll prepare for both ways just to cover our bases,'' coach Vinny Del Negro said. ''That's the smart thing to do.

Like most coaches on the eve of a playoff series, Del Negro had kind words for a lot of guys in green:

"There's a lot to worry about, not just Kevin. [Kendrick] Perkins has hurt us. Leon Powe, Glen Davis, Mikki Moore — they have a very strong team. Kevin missed 20-some games, and they still won [62]. They're the defending world champs. They're battle-tested. They have home court. We haven't played well there at all. We have our hands full. But we'll prepare and get after it.''

Mikki Moore? That's proof Del Negro is full of it. Just kidding Mikki – we love you.

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  • double P reppin the B

    If we can rest KG and make it all the way to the ECF, I still have a feeling we might see some play time for KG, unless we are playing really well without him… haha

  • I don’t want to know how KG is feeling right now. He must be in some serious health trouble, no way he would sit out a playoff game with a minor injury.

  • venus

    LOL @ salmons i thought it was only celtics fans still thinking kg might suddenly appear to play
    LOL @ the mikki moore references didn’t he foul out after a so-so game and leave pierce to play back-up center?

  • Baro

    Also, why would John salmons think we’re bullshitting everyone ?
    hello, that would be playing mind games with our entire team more then it would the bulls…..
    Also I am entirely sick of people basically saying this team is nothing without KG, KG can do no wrong, KG is the greatest defender ever, noones ever scored on him and we’d sweep the playoffs with him, and hes by far our best player
    Bullshit ( KG had a bad year even when healthy, and was having the worst year of the big 3) KG also needs this team to win, KG has never carried a team by himself, and he never carried this team. lets get it done without him

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I agree, just get the surgery already.

  • Hrvoje