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Wyc Wants KG on Bench

RedsArmyAdmin April 16, 2009 Uncategorized 2 Comments on Wyc Wants KG on Bench

During an interview with WEEI this afternoon, Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck said the team wants Garnett to remain a presence during games even though he won't play. Garnett chooses to watch games from the locker room rather than the bench when he is injured because it frustrates him to not be able to contribute. Grousbeck said the Celtics want him to change his policy during the postseason.

"I think that's essential, and I think we're going to ask him to do that," Grousbeck said. "I think Doc, Danny [Ainge], everybody will make it clear that we'd like his presence out there. He is a warrior in every way. I mean, unusual sounds strong, but he is the most different guy any of us has ever met over here. He just does it in his way, and it works, and he became Defensive Player of the Year, MVP formerly, and now a champion. It's Kevin Garnett, it's not anybody else. There's never been another one like him.

"If he needs to sit in the locker room just to be able to keep his head together, we can respect that. And it actually worked pretty well for us in the regular season. But I think, playoff-time, we'd like to have him out on the bench."

I agree with Wyc. KG needs to be out there supporting the team.

According to Marc Spears, surgery is now being considered, but there is no timetable.

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  • Duke

    Who cares if he’s on the bench, and why is Wyc pandering to the media and press to make it happen? Does anyone think they’ll score more points or prevent their opponents from scoring more points because he’s sitting in a metal folding chair for 2 and a half hours?
    Put him in his hyperbaric chamber for the next 4 weeks and have him get out to kick Cleveland’s ass.
    It’s ponderous why this is so important to so many.

  • Nickels

    It’s a $$$ comment, apparently it’s important to some fans to see KG even if he isn’t playing. Still disagree with publicly calling him out on it, if it’s important talk to him in person- I’m sure he’d oblige.