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Where’s the Enthusiasm?

Are you ready?(clap,clap) To play(clap) Say go team(clap) Go team(clap) Celtics all the way!

The Celtics get the Bulls instead of the Sixers in the first round of the playoffs. Let's get right to the schedule:

  • Game 1 Sat. at Bos. (ESPN) 12:30
  • Game 2 Mon. at Bos. (TNT) 7
  • Game 3 Thu. at Chi. (TNT) 8
  • Game 4 April 26 at Chi. (Ch. 5) 1
  • (if necessary)
  • Game 5 April 28 at Boston
  • Game 6 April 30 at Chicago
  • Game 7 May 2 at Boston (TNT)

After reading the online papers, I feel like there's a lot of negative energy in Celtics Nation, at least from the local media's perspective. Dire predictions about KG's health. Hype for the Cavs and Lakers. And that's just from Shaughnessy. There's plenty more.

In the last few days, Doc Rivers has softened his stance on KG and the playoffs. There is a lot of uncertainty about Garnett's status:

"We don't know how it's going to turn out tomorrow," the coach said. "And if it does [go well], we don't know how it's going to feel the next day. So we'll wait and see."

I gotta believe the C's are playing possum here. Messing with their oppponents and tweaking the media.

I think Chicago will be a tougher out than Philly. They have better shooters (Gordon, Salmons) and a better inside presence (Noah, Thomas, Miller). After the trade for Miller and Salmons, Chicago went 17-11. The Celtics won the season series 2-1.

On ESPN's Bulls/Celtics playoff page, everyone picks the Celtics to win. Not surprisingly, two writers, Chad Ford and Chris Sheridan pick the series to go…7. Bahahahaha… I like the Celtics in 5, with or without KG.

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  • Jp

    Just a thought, is the way the C’s are handling KG’s injury the WORST ever in the history of sports? How can the biggest star (Sorry Ray and Paul) on your team be out for so long and there be so little information about the injury and the status of the rehab? I am actually disgusted about the way this has been handled. I realize HIPA legally prohibits me from knowing the details without KG’s consent, but come on, give us something concrete.

  • Coobs

    Shaugnessy’s articles are always just a bunch of “doom and gloom” words mashed together, as he laments his nostalgia for the days of Red Auerbach strolling the sidelines or when Boston was “the Hub” of hockey. It’s a joke that the guy can’t write one decent piece about his hometown teams, always trying to spin some ridiculous angle about how they will ultimately fail because of the town (city) they represent. Then, when said team defies (his) logic and wins the championship in its respective sport, suddenly he fawns over them and tries to bask in their glory as much as he can, as if he never doubted them in the first place.
    Fuck Shaugnessy and the fuck that curly red-haired horse he came riding in on.

  • JTB

    KG OUT FOR PLAYOFFS – Doc Rivers on WEEI