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“There’s No Way”

The news continues to trickle out on KG.  I'm holding out hope for a Willis Reed moment… but Doc is not instilling any confidence.  The first video on Celtics.com's website (to the right) is Doc talking about KG's injury.  This is pretty definitive:

It's not official if he's out for the playoffs, but it's official as far as I'm concerned.

Doc goes on to say "There's no way" when asked if he anticipates KG coming back… but then he also sounds like the door is, in fact open for a return.  Then, Frank Dell'Apa says there are TWO injuries KG is dealing with.

Kevin Garnett will miss the NBA playoffs and likely have surgery on his right knee during the offseason, Celtics coach Doc Rivers said today.

The surgery will be to remove a spur in Garnett's knee. But a strained popliteus tendon — and not the spur — has affected Garnett's inability to return from a Feb. 19 injury. The tendon strain must heal naturally, and has taken longer than anticipated.

This is driving me nuts.  And I'm not really talking about the injury anymore.  It's just the various reports… and the confusion.  Over on CSN, The Duke is begging Doc to be more Belichickian. I hope he listens, and stops talking about this… just for our sanity's sake.

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  • ShooterMcGavin

    espn just said ainge had a heart attack this morning

  • 11rings

    Also Boston’s WCVB channel 5 is reporting on their website that Danny Ainge had a heart attack. My thoughts are with you and your family, Danny.