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Seriously, Philly Sucks

Without 2 of the Big 3, the Celtics played like crap for most of this game but still managed to squeak out a win in Philly.

Even though he coughed up the ball with :30 left and gave the Sixers life, Paul Pierce (31 pts, 12-16 FG, 7-9 3FG) was deadly accurate tonight. Doc wanted Pierce to sit this one out, but the Truth begged in and delivered.

In his first game back since the knee injury, Leon logged 16 minutes and scored 10 points with 4 reb. He seemed aggressive and I think he'll be fine come playoff time.

TA scored 18 pts in his 38 minutes. He was very aggressive, slashing  and driving to the hoop.

The only way Philly won't finish with 7th seed is if the Bulls lose to Toronto tomorrow AND Philly beats Cleveland.

Box Score

Here's a couple 76ers dancer team pics I snagged off the web….if you are into this sorta thing.

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  • I agree..The one thing that has been constant in this year of injuries though, is The Truth. God bless him. Thanks again for putting the team on your shoulders and carrying it to victory. Baby’s shooting touch keeps getting better too…

  • Tim (FD)

    Well ain’t that the Truth.
    VERY encouraging game from Tony Allen.

  • Fsantos33

    The “Truth’s” scudding at teammates was key for the second half turnaround
    How many Tech’s does Perk has now? Hope it’s not close to 17 or else he might get suspended for a game if he gets couple more.

  • ssshady35

    66 wins last year 61 maybe 62 this year, not bad considering all the injuries we encountered this year. Just think if KG played half the games that we was out, we might of won 70 games this year.

  • zippittyay

    61 wins is exactly what I predicted at the start of the season, for whatever that’s worth…..

  • Baron

    Shady, please, theres no way we win 70 games if KG never gets hurt
    We didnt even have the best record in the league when he went down, and we should be thankful for the other guys who carried us in his abscene
    We lost 14 games with KG, and 6 without him…People forget we were lost 5 of 7 with KG completly healthy against really bad teams..and also it took us more games then any team ever to win the title…with KG.
    We arent unbeatable or guaranteed to repeat with KG healthy…he was having his worst season of his career guys