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Oh… We Bloggers Are A Whacky Bunch

We're still trying to promote the Blogs With Balls gathering on June 13th in New York.  I'll be there, along with the people behind some pretty big blogs like Deadspin and WithLeather.  And, as noted in the video, Sarah Spain will be there.  (Click here to register).

Lucas from Hugging Harold Reynolds and Brian from The Jets Blog… and the guys from Beryllium Pictures…  joined me in that goofy little "nutshot" video.  Bonus for me… I got to say "balls".

By the way… don't tell Chuck there's a better way to grow a blog.  We have our YouTube nutshot video scheduled for Friday.  It's part of our big playoff push.  And we figured since he's already got kids… this would be cheaper than a vasectomy.

After the jump, photos of Sarah Spain.

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  • Orb

    Um, does it matter what Sarah’s official job is?

  • Danno

    red beans and rice didn’t miss her.

  • Foegoevable

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    PS. Dont be an ass, this is NOT spam 😉