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RedsArmyAdmin April 14, 2009 Uncategorized 6 Comments on VOTE FOR US!!

They playoffs have begun.

Red's Army is in the running for the Basketblog Header playoffs.  Our header (this thing) is going up against other basketblog headers in a "who's header is best".

So go to now and vote.  And hurry… We're down 70% to 30%!!

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  • Matty S.

    Just did too. There is some stiff competition up there guys but good luck to you!!!

  • FLCeltsFan

    You’re up to 50-50

  • Jp

    Just a lazy reader here, but you guys are much better at presenting than them. What’s with having to go to each page to see the header. I never would have voted in the dancer madness had you not put the pictures right with the poll.

  • Mizzle

    David Stern gives Ray Allen the night off. Weak.

  • another tim.

    58 – 42. it’s like what the lakers didn’t do in last years finals.

  • Greg P

    Just voted after staying up late thanks to the Sox. You’re up 56% to 44%!