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RedsArmyAdmin April 14, 2009 Uncategorized 6 Comments

They playoffs have begun.

Red's Army is in the running for the Basketblog Header playoffs.  Our header (this thing) is going up against other basketblog headers in a "who's header is best".

So go to PeteMarasmitch.com now and vote.  And hurry… We're down 70% to 30%!!

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  • Matty S.

    Just did too. There is some stiff competition up there guys but good luck to you!!!

  • FLCeltsFan

    You’re up to 50-50

  • Jp

    Just a lazy reader here, but you guys are much better at presenting than them. What’s with having to go to each page to see the header. I never would have voted in the dancer madness had you not put the pictures right with the poll.

  • Mizzle

    David Stern gives Ray Allen the night off. Weak.

  • another tim.

    58 – 42. it’s like what the lakers didn’t do in last years finals.

  • Greg P

    Just voted after staying up late thanks to the Sox. You’re up 56% to 44%!