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This Will Come Back To Haunt Cleveland

The Celtics walked into Cleveland and got waxed.  But the way the Cavs conducted themselves will come back to haunt them.

Let's start with Anderson Varejao, and the play on Ray Allen in that video.  Varejao wraps up Ray's arm, spins him and dumps him to the ground.  Unless you hate the Celtics, like Fanhouse's Brett Pollakoff, it's pretty clear that Andy meant to dump Ray.  You don't go from behind a guy to in front of him by "getting tangled up."  Ray wasn't having any of it.

“It was a dirty play,” Allen said. “He threw me to the ground. He wrapped my arm and threw me to the ground, and I wasn’t going to do whatever he wanted.

“I’m not going to lie – I’ll always stand up for myself and anyone on this team. It’s in my nature. They’re not going to just walk all over us. I had to make a stance. It was embarrassing for us to get beat this way – playing on national TV.”

What Varejao did is kinda weak, but it's no big deal.  It's a technical foul at best.  It's more of a bitch move than a dirty play.  It's aimed at pissing you off, which it did.  Ray shouldn't have thrown elbow to his nuts.  What's funny is that Varejao hits the deck and flops at the slightest contact… yet he stands tall after an elbow to the jewels?  Really?  You'd think he'd try to get Ray tossed by writhing around in pain there.  Weird.

Ray will probably get fined for it, and he deserves it.  But that kind of move could come back to haunt the Cavs.  It's one thing to blow out a team you could be facing in the Conference Finals.  It's another to embarrass them with moves like this.

The other thing that the Celtics will remember… the over-the-top celebrations on the Cavs sidelines.  The Cavs are toeing the line between "just having fun out there" and "showing up an opponent."  I'm all for celebrating after a nice play… but Mo Williams jumping around like they just won the title… that's just a little inappropriate.  And not inappropriate like "I'm offended."  Inappropriate like "it was just a dunk… relax".  There were other instances, and Ray didn't like those either.

“I’m always going to remember that,” Ray Allen said. “If I beat a team, as happy as I may be in victory, I’m always going to stay humble and always remember that there’s another day. We play each other too much. Those are great motivational thoughts for me.”

Like I said… the Cavs are right at that line where whether they went too far is up for debate.  And that's fine.  I'm not here to complain about it.  Nothing they did pissed me off.  But it DID piss off the Celtics… and that's what matters.  The Cavs were celebrating like it was a blowout in Game 7… rather than a meaningless regular season game.  You don't want to give a team that feeds off emotion like the Celtics something to get amped up about the next time around.

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  • lakers aint shit until they dethrone us

    If i were ray allen i’d punch vajedick face and body slammed him on the floor.
    these fools thought they already won the title…celebrating like shit! banner 18 would be sweet if we crushed these fools and the fakers as well.
    it was a bad loss for the celtics but it happens to all great team i think they should learn a lot from this game and use it as a motivation.
    those silly antics by the cavs would haunt them in the end and when they do they would see me in their homecourt laughing my ass off!

  • BD

    The Varajackass foul and the Mo Williams retardation reflect badly on Cleveland…ever heard of “acting like you’ve been there before” even if you haven’t? It’s called class…it’s OK to be excited, but the fact they were positively orgasmic about beating the C’s in a REGULAR SEASON GAME, AT HOME, with HOME COOKIN’ OFFICIALS and the NATIONAL MEDIA on their side, against a DEPLETED BY INJURIES Celtics team, says more to me about the Cavs fragile psyche than it does about anything else…

  • Danno

    Remember that Celtics Preseason game last year where we beat the Cavs by almost 40?
    This game meant less.

  • Kevin


  • Bryant

    I got fairly pissed off about as soon as LeBron flattened Rondo back in the first quarter on the Cavs fast break. Awesome defense by Rondo; he got into place, set his feet, and prevented LeBron from going straight to the hoop. LeBron, to his credit, thought smart and dished the ball off for the easy layup, but he had to charge over Rondo in the process.
    I’m not sure it was a foul, but it was pretty ugly. It would have been nice if LeBron had offered Rondo a hand up.

  • lebron 4 mvp

    first off i want to thank baron for standing up against the grain. you make me so proud i shared you comments with a bunch of fellow cavs fans. the celtics have no shot at the title this year contrary to jon berry on ESPN he still has you as the favorite. even if KG comes back the intensity and drive to perfection is missing in this years team.
    as for the events that transpired yesterday, i am slightly troubled by all the celebration by the cavs. not too long ago they were doing pregame routines until they got blown out by orlando. now we have to earn our celebrations mid game. fact is, excessive or not, you have to admire the team chemistry and togetherness. basketball is about having fun in the end of the day regardless of what level you are on…
    as for the cavs in the playoffs well i don think i need to tell anyone here that bron has a special playoff gear. he played a career low in minutes this season and is primed for an unprecedented run in the 09 playoffs. but if i were a boston fan, id be more worried about round 2 with orlando than anything right now. none of this will come back to bite us in the ass haha if you think that will keep your hopes up then u better pray for a miracle…. see u in the efc!! (maybe)
    /tips hat

  • Oh please, Varejao and Ray got tangled up while they were both going for the ball and Ray Ray lost his balance and went to the floor. There was nothing remotely dirty about that play. UNTIL Ray Ray cheap shots Varejao in the nuts because he was pissed about his team getting shown up by a superior team.

  • celts9

    anyone else seen this site?
    It was being promoted on the cav’s homepage

  • Boston Man

    ^ HAH! Didnt even notice that until you mentioned it