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We’re #2, We’re #2 (Officially)

The Magic lost again, meaning the Celtics are officially the #2 seed.

I'm firmly on record as saying the #2 seed means nothing to the C's.  But it means something to the Magic.  And at a time where they should be playing their best, trying to get into the best possible playoff position,they go and lose to the Knicks and Nets.

The Magic might be the most overrated team in the league.  They are pretenders disguised as contenders.  They are in no way, shape, or form built for playoff success.

How many other ways can I say it?  I think the Magic are in for a very hard playoff fall.

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  • Matt

    Spelled “officially” wrong, but anyway, yeah i completely agree with your assessment. the Magic are no doubt a good team, but they are not contenders. In a conference that has only two[possibly three depending on what you think of Atlanta] other teams that could make the playoffs in the west, the Magic are less than what their record shows.
    1.Dwight Howard is a great rebounder and shot-blocker, but he’s not a 1-1 specialist. If you guys can’t remember, Scal played GREAT defense on him and I hope he’ll be back[but I don’t if the injury is this serious, you never want a guy back if his career could be in jeapordy] if and when we face the Magic. Perk also plays great against him. and also, Howard is NOT clutch, and the Magic NEED him to be clutch as the team leader. people exaggerate his skills. No way should he be DPOY, no mater hwat the experts say.
    2.The Magic have no players who specialize in 1-1. Rashard and Hedo are 3-point shooters, but they can’t handle playing 1-1. The only skilled 1-1 player they had was Jameer Nelson, and we all know what happened to him. Paul Pierce will eat hedo turkoglu alive in the 2nd round. Lewis can be a factor in the game…when his shot is on. I used to think Ray was like Lewis and Hedo, but this year he has proven to be one of the more agile SGs in the league even at 33. We have several great 1-1 players such as the Truth, Ray, Rondo, Starbury, etc.
    3.The magic can’t hold leads, we’ve seen that so many freakin times. You can never trust the Magic to keep a big lead. they almost blew it twice and that was without a fully healthy KG and an out-of-shape Starbury.
    I am completely rooting for the Pistons to rally at the end of the season and get #6, because I guarantee the Magic will lose in a 7-game series with them. GUARANTEE.
    Without KG, Celtics in 7
    With KG, Celtics in 5, 6 if the Magic get lucky.

  • Had to throw that sp correction in..lol. The Magic are still too short on veteran leadership and a proven #2 option-it’s that simple. Gnite Orlando-don’t let the door hitcha in the a$$

  • Fsantos33

    Shaq could be right about Van Gunndy

  • Rj

    Um ..”Mr. Proper English” .. he spelled “officially” correctly … i don’t know what your friends will say about this transgression. Maybe a nickname change to “Johnny McUppity”
    [unless he updated the spelling subsequent to your post…then i take it back and you can still keep your “super cool” nickname]

  • Tim (FD)

    John…. it means plenty to the Celtics in terms of a having a much easier time of it in the first round.

  • Baron

    I just heard one of the dumber things ive heard in a long while on ESPN
    “noone wants to face the cavs, the pistons and bulls are fighting to face the celtics instead of cleveland”
    first of all, thats bullshit, neither of those teams would rather face us, and neither of them have a better chance at beating us then cleveland. ESPn is so fucking stupid its sickening,honestly i wanna punch the guy who said it in the face…as if the cavs are on a different level then the DEFENDING GODDAMN CHAMPIONS
    (this comes from a season-long disrespect for the best team in the league and defending champs)
    fucking peabrains

  • I spelled it wrong in the body of the post. I fixed it.

  • Magic held Lewis out of that game due to knee tendinitis and then Hedu has to be helped off the court after a nasty ankle roll…
    I would love to see the Magic lose in 1st round…