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Makin’ the Plays

RedsArmyAdmin April 11, 2009 Uncategorized 10 Comments on Makin’ the Plays

This was a 95-95 game with 2 minutes left. While Paul Pierce (28 pts, 4-5 3FG, 8 reb) and Big Baby (22 pts, 8 reb) were making baskets, Dwyane Wade was missing shots and whining to the refs.

Celtics win 105 – 98.

Box Score | Recap

The Magic just lost to the Knicks in Orlando. The #2 seed is just about locked up.

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  • Why do coaches call timeout down 8 with 15 seconds left? Good win.

  • Fsantos33

    Good Win – Did ESPN make a mistake when they showed the preview to the Eastern playoff brackets? They showed the Celtics vs. Bulls while Cavs vs. Pistons within the same upper two brackets. Your thoughts?

  • Jester00

    Shocker I’m hammered right now great game you know what, John, Chuck I would love to hear the voice of this strong mighty redsarmy nation i suggjest you guys could host a pod cast, we r 1-1 when Redsarmy holds podcasts as far as rings go…… you should have one before the playoffs. just drunkingly throwing that out there, I understand it is a pain but the fans want to hear the german and the mexicain pitch the redarmy store. even if it is not a call in show it would be great. THANKS a drunk guy in Ohio

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    Hiccup!… 🙂

  • Perk had a huge block in the 4th. After seeing DWade in person, I am even more amazed at how he carries his team. MVP no question.

  • Tim (FD)

    What Jester said.

  • zauer

    Playing about 20 games without KG we’ve got 19 losses while “mighty” Lakers got 17 and we’re not even in top 3 of power rankings on, espn and si. They rank us not only behind Orlando but even Houston. It’s ridiculous. Orlando losing at home with Knicks is another proof that we don’t need nr 3 seed, but it’s good to have it anyway.

  • ThatGuyOverTheOcean

    I love how Big Baby is stepping up in KG’s absence! All the work in the last year and a half is paying now.

  • baronq

    Disagree completly kobewearsapurplethong…dwyane wade is not the MVP, and really isnt even close to Lebron james as a player or as deserving for this years MVP…
    The last time the heat came to the Garden…it was a closer game and actually went to overtime with Dwade sitting on the sidelines with an injury. need I really say more?