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Light Load

RedsArmyAdmin April 9, 2009 Uncategorized 3 Comments on Light Load

After four full days off, Ray and Paul had a relatively light work load last night:

  • Ray Allen – 34 min
  • Paul Pierce- 30 min

Had the Celtics played better in the 4th, there could have been more rest. Doc explains…kinda:

"I thought they hadn't played well enough to sit," coach Doc Rivers said of the starters. "I thought they needed to play. Usually, when you play extremely well and you get a lead, you sit them. And when you don't, you look at it two ways – well, they've got to give you something or you just sit them. So, I tend to lean toward Paul and Ray, no matter if they're playing well or not – they're pretty good."

Let's look at the big picture. Ray and Paul are rested. Rondo is playing out of his mind (he's averaging 24 pts, 6 assists, 4 reb, 3 stls in last 3 games). The bench – specifically Mikki and Stephon – is playing much better. The Celtics have won five straight and 9 of 10. While the media is hyping Andrew Bynum's return to the Lakers, we do them one better by getting KG and Leon back.

As for the #2 seed, the Celtics hold a one game lead over the Magic with 4 games to play. 3-1 gets it done even if Orlando wins out. I like our chances.

Click here for last night's highlites – TA's dunk at the 1:15 mark.

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  • LA Native C’s Fan

    I asked myself when I saw the Bynum story on the ESPN website last night if KG’s return will be covered quite as extensively.

  • There’s a lot of concern about playing the Pistons. They have quit and will quit in the playoffs. I’m more concerned with a young fearless team than a bunch of has-beens with a lame duck coach.

  • Danno

    Yes, the Pistons are completely washed up and they are all fighting with one another because of Iverson.