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Interesting Debate

RedsArmyAdmin April 8, 2009 Uncategorized 3 Comments on Interesting Debate

This was born from a discussion I heard on the radio this morning, and I think it's a good one.

Michael Jordan, John Stockton, and David Robinson are being enshrined in the basketball Hall of Fame this year.  But is this the best HOF class ever?

In 1980, Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, and Jerry Lucas went into the Hall together.  Is that class better than MJ, Stockton and Robinson?

Here's the list of year-by-year induction classes.   You decide for yourself.

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  • yeah Tim… I think that’s going to be the tiebreaker for a lot of people. I’ll bet the voting is heavily in favor of the Jordan group…. but each individual vote is one of those “I’m giving the slight edge to Jordan”. I’m betting the sentiment is closer than the final vote total.

  • Ryan (UNH)

    Stockton is not getting enough credit. Yes, Robinson was probably the best big man of the 90s (Hakeem, Ewing, or Mourning?), but Stockton was easily the best and most consistent point guard the league had in a very long time:

  • Loscyfan

    The best year? When was Bill Russello inducted?