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Getting Closer

RedsArmyAdmin April 7, 2009 Uncategorized 6 Comments on Getting Closer


"Slowly but surely," coach Doc Rivers said of Garnett's progress. "You could clearly see the difference. We were really happy, for the first time in a while, with the way it's going.

"I don't think Sunday is a possibility right now, but we're just really happy with what we see. A week ago it was more of a concern, now it's less of a concern. He moved great. You can just tell the difference."

A lot of us are skeptical when Doc or Danny talk injuries, but this sounds good. Doc also had a positive reaction to Leon:

"Leon is moving pretty good," Rivers said. "Our goal is, hopefully, to get him to play the last game of the year, maybe. That would be a pleasant surprise but that looks like the way it's going to happen."

As for Rondo's highly publicized ankle twist in practice: “Not anything bad,” Rivers said. “So we’ll be fine.”

I'm begging all media to stop referencing James Posey in future articles or during talk shows. Mark Murphy mentions Poz in today's article on Tony Allen's comeback. Every Wednesday when Danny Ainge calls The Big Show on WEEI, someone eventually asks about filling Posey's role. He's gone. In fact, he signed with another team before the season started. The Celtics are going to win 60+ games without him.

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  • Nora

    I hope this is true but with all the things that have been said about KG the past few weeks hard to know if you can believe anything they say about KG anymore.

  • Papa Irish

    its funny how dumb new orleans gm is, he vastly overpaid posey, a guy thats a terrible fit for there team, and then tried to make up for it by cutting the salary of tyson chandler, who fits their system perfectly
    both moves however greatly affected the course of this season, because they overpaid posey, he is no longer a celtic, and because they tried to trade for joe smith they prevented the C’s from getting him and it ultimately led to the signing of mikki
    that my friends is cause and effect, it will be interesting to see what the ultimate effect will be

  • scalabrinefor3

    DRJ, I think that is a great idea. If KG isn’t 100% why not bring him off the bench? Davis has been a beast since starting, you know KG is gonna provide energy, he’s gonna draw defenders and get more looks for Eddie. Even if hes a little tentative, that mid range jumper is gonna stretch out the D for Marbury. Definitely makes the Celtics second unit better defensively. It could work.

  • G4L

    I diagree Scal & DRJ. KG would be better served as a starter. Our best 5 vs their best 5, If KG isn’t 100% he should be on the floor with the staters so they can pick up the rest of the slack because the bench players won’t be able to.
    Another thing one never knows how a starter is going to react to comming off the bench & I’m not talking about attitude, I’m talking about effectiveness. (A.I. admitted it was hard to get it going coming off the bench) I think Baby gives you more energy as a bench player than a starter as a change of pace player.

  • zauer

    When playoff comes you will understand why not-100% KG is better that no KG. Better pray for him to be healthy rather than writing about repeating without him