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Ainge Likes Our Chances

We're heading towards a training camp-type lull here… so I'm psyched to be getting back to practice today.  For now, we'll have to settle for the guy who put this team together telling us how much he likes the job he did.

“I’m much more comfortable,” he said. “Much more comfortable. We added depth and experience. I love the energy that Steph and Mikki are playing with. I think that shortly we’ll start seeing them play without thinking. I think the wheels have been spinning. People forget that last year when we brought Sam (Cassell) and P.J. (Brown) in, they weren’t thrust into the action so quickly because our team was all healthy. We were able to bring them along slower, where with Steph and Mikki, when they came in our team was depleted and had injuries. So we needed them and they had to play right away.”

Actually, those are good points.  He made another good point when he talked about why this year's team is different than last year's.

“I think last year we hadn’t been through it,” he said. “I think we came out of the gates in the playoffs really ready to play, but I think we took Atlanta lightly after we blew them out in the first two games. I think that affected us the rest of that series.

“I really think we’ll be ready this year. Like I said, I love our team.”

I agree with him here.  A year of experience will change how these guys play in the postseason.  I think the Celtics will be better than a lot of people expect.

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  • Baron

    I really like the team we have now too, but I dont know how much I like their chances without being 100%


    Love that shirt!!!

  • CFH

    That picture always makes me laugh no matter how many times I see it. Definite classic.

  • zippittyay

    If KG comes back and holds up well, I like our odds against anybody. If that doesn’t happen, we still have a decent chance of repeating but I don’t want to see KG hiding somewhere if he can’t play. He should be there during the playoffs.

  • I like Danny’s optimism. I think the C’s have an excellent chance of repeating this season.