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Dancer Madness: The Finals

— There have been accusations of stuffing the ballot box in favor of Jessica… and I believe it.  So I moved the post back up to the top, threw in a few new pictures of Nikki, and blocked extra voting by IP address.  I can't begin to tell you how stupid it is that I had to do that.

I'm gonna admit… I tried my best to get Alison to the finals.  I held the sexy chair pictures in my back pocket to add some wow factor when I thought she'd need it.  And she needed it against Nikki.  The problem is, Nikki is too goddam hot for my tricks.  Every new picture I found of her just supported her case.

Alison… I tried… but Nikki blew you out.  No shame in that.  I'm not sure she's human.

So here it is.  The big finals matchup.  Nikki of Miami against Jessica of the Mavericks.  Blonde vs. Brunette.  Who is it going to be?  We'll leave the voting open all weekend long… and announce the winner on Monday.





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  • who da guy

    this is stupid, alexis is by far the hottest.

  • Ryan (UNH)

    The beauty of this tournament…. you never know what will happen. Truly magical. With that said, Nikki has to win this thing. She has only gotten stronger.

  • Tim (FD)

    I’m voting for Alexis as a write-in.

  • Go Jessica!!!

  • G4L

    Alexis Better… Clap…clap, clap, clap, clap!

  • John Bagley

    Agreed, Alexis is much better than Jessica. But doesn’t matter in the end, Nikki blows everyone away!

  • Fsantos33

    The Celtics Dance Team manager should call Nikki’s agent and get her on our team next year. That would be awesome! Ainge will pay her more dough on the down low…

  • youcallthatahardfoul

    We need a new gimick since march madness is over…..another contest to determine which dancer is the #1 starter, cleanup hitter, and closer now that baseball is about to start??

  • DRJ

    If Jessica wins, I will have to ask God to send a super flare from the sun to burn the planet down. He’ll do it too, because He is extremely displeased when His handiwork is thus deformed. When the deed it done, Jessica’s tits will still be here, amongst the ashes… two molten mounds of silicone to mark the passing of humankind.
    And the Lord said: “Do not vote for Jessica, or I will kindle my wrath upon thee.” (Deuteronomy 11:17) This is what he meant. He told me so.

  • D

    Nikki’s not even that hot…at all. I mean, unless you like high forheads with scrunched up facial features in awkward expressions. Also over photoshopped pictures. I’ve been voting against her since day 1. Jessica, fake boobs aside, is wayyyyyyyyy wayyyyyyyyyy hotter. Fit body (not too thin, has a little bit of muscle), perfect face, everything. That should be the win. Obviously.

  • youcallthataharddfoul

    How is Jessica winning? How is this even close?? Someone must be stuffin the ballot….or we need a better picture of Nikki. Change to the closeup of the orange bikini, that should change the tide.

  • nba101

    I find it hard to vote for Jessica when you can’t even see her whole face.
    Nikki all the way.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    There really is no vote necessary. Nikki blew the doors off all of them. She should have been crowned early, then we could vote fairly for 2nd place.

  • Jester00

    Nikki is up there with dan dickau’s wife

  • BD

    I’ve been away all weekend and when I come back, someone has been stuffing the votes? LAME! This is a frickin’ internet poll about some dancers none of us will ever meet…how stupid is that? What do we have, now ACORN is engaging in voter fraud on
    One person, one vote…there is no way over 1000 people have visited this site, is there? Yet there are something like 1100 votes…stupid!
    That being said, I vote (once!) for Jessica!

  • D

    Yeah man, Nikki just doesn’t do it for me (in a competition against other outstandingly attractive girls…yes she is hot, so don’t get me wrong). Sure, if she was at a bar I would definitely approach her, but I would have to get rejected by Jessica about 4 times before I tried a shot with Nikki.