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Take the Weekend Off


“We’re playing really well right now, but we need a break,” said Rivers. “You know, Paul (Pierce), Ray (Allen) . . . all of them need a break, and, you know, I worry when we come out of a break because it will be four days off. And it doesn’t matter who we play, because (our opponent) will be in rhythm. But I would take this break right now. This is absolutely needed.”

"We have a good schedule…We earned it. The first month was awful and they are paying us back now."

Doc is giving the guys the entire weekend off and will have them practice Monday and Tuesday before Wednesday's game against New Jersey. This means we don't have to get on Doc's case for reducing minutes – the light schedule takes care of that.

The team doesn't go back-to-back until the final two days of the regular season (at Philly, vs Wash) and depending on playoff seedings, Ray and Paul might get those days off anyways.

Perk was a quote machine after the game:

"They tried to play physical, but you can't be something that you're not. Either you're physical or you're not, I don't care who tells you to be."

"Everybody keeps talking about it's a rivalry," Perkins said. "How is it a rivalry? Last year, we beat them [during the regular] season, then they took us to seven games, then we beat them, 4-0, this year. When you have a team's number, keep it."

"When Rondo is aggressive, I think there is no team in the league that can beat us. I'm talking about when he is looking to score, I think he's one of the better point guards in the league, and I don't think he gets enough credit. He's been working on his jump shot and he's just got to shoot it with confidence."

And Hawks coach Mike Woodson loves Davis and Perk but doesn't think much of KG:

“They’re not that much different," said Woodson. "KG, he’s just a double-double guy, and I think Big Baby and Perkins are filling up that void of him not being in there, I think they’re doing an excellent job. A lot of that has to do with the fact that they’ve won the title so they’ve been through the ringer, they’ve been through big games last year in the playoffs so they don’t shy away from it."

Yup – guys like David Lee or Troy Murphy are KG clones. What a fool….

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After the jump – video of Big Baby's Big Block.

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  • Baron r

    Dont have a problem with woodsons comments, and I think some people need to realize that
    a.) KG isnt even a double double guy anymore, so that was a compliment, and dont talk to me about sacrificing for the team, after 14 seasons in the league and over 1000+ games played, every great NBA player of all time stats have gone down…just facts of life
    b.) We played better against the hawks this season without KG, plain and simple.
    I know KGs good, but I also think hes been a total dissapointment this year, and this team is still one of the better teams without him, and he often gets too much credit for things he has nothing to do with….Even if hes not around the team, people try to credit him with the win for chrissakes…and Ill never forget the dallas game wherre he couldnt do anything to stop dirk, lost his cool and had to sit on the bench, out other guys win the game…and somehow he gets credit….gets annoying if you ask me because the other guys on this team deserve all the credit this year…KG has has his least effective season since his rookie year and has missed more games then ever in his career, and is nowhere to be found when hes not playing..
    time to start crediting the other guys

  • Matt

    wow, Kendrick Perkins says something smart? STOP THE PRESSES!

  • zauer

    Baron, have you got any brain? Only other reasonable explanation for your comment is that you are anti-KG guy no matter how good he’s playing

  • Nora

    Baron, there is no need to discredit KG to credit other guys. Geesh. The guy has been injured this year.

  • lakers aint shit until they dethrone us

    are u insane?! KG is the reason why we have banner 17 and he is the main reason for our defense and swagger… he motivates the young guys perk, davis, powe and rondo to play harder for every game as if its their last game in the league.

  • bigbad&green

    My beef is why do you guys get all up in arms and feel like you have to defend someone from what a “NOBODY” says.
    Do you think KG is tripping by what some fool from Atlanta says. I bet hes more interested in what other big men in the league (Bynum pregame last night video or what Dwight did to the Cavs) than what another coach thinks. On the flip side do you think Perkins and Davis are thinking “wow that woodson guy is right except for the KG remark”?
    They don’t give a rats a$$ so why do you?
    Maybe instead of looking for things to trip about y’all should be focused on whats ahead of us or what might be potentially in our way cause I assure the Celtics are.
    With that said i suppose i’ll get called a troll…
    Commence with the hate!

  • Ubershorty

    The Cavs have a tough schedule to end the season.
    I think they will lose to either San Antonio or Boston. I think it will be San Antonio though because the Cavs will be more focused against the Celtics. If the Cavs lose to the Spurs and Celtics then the Lakers will get homecourt. But I think Boston has a really good chance of beating Cleveland at the end of the regular season and in the playoffs.

  • ilikebigbutts

    Good God what a booty!