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Maybe This Time Doc Means It

Tony's going to see time tonight… well… maybe.

“We are going to try and ease Tony in,” Rivers said, indicating that tonight would likely be a chance for Allen to return to action. “It was game situation and Eddie (House) had it going. They stayed small, which is unusual for them. They usually go big and they stayed small. They had (D.J.) Augustine and (Raymond) Felton in a lot together and that allowed us to keep Eddie on the floor, and that was good for us because the way he was shooting we wanted to keep him on the floor.”

I guess we'll see.  In other, much more interesting news:  Paul Pierce naps in a hyperbaric chamber before games.  Paul is also cancelling any ticket giveaways until the playoffs.

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  • Yeah, the other night we were all waiting to see T.A. come in and he didn’t. So who knows-I’ll believe it when he’s at the scorer’s table.

  • JD

    Well, you might not want to believe it, even if Tony does goes up the scorer’s table. In the 4th quarter of the Charlotte game, Tony was up at the table and ready to check in for Eddie (I think), but then Eddie kept on hitting shots, so Doc kept him in instead. Doc needs to give him some first half burn so he isn’t forced to put him in during the fourth quarter of a tightly contested game.