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Rondo Likes to Exaggerate

This Rondo quote courtesy of Scott Souza of the MetroWest Daily News:

“He’s a human first,” he said. “I hope he gets better. I hope he doesn’t rush back just for the playoffs. His injury is pretty serious, so it could probably end his career. He probably has three or four years left, so we want to make sure he has three or four years left and doesn’t come back too soon and have to retire early.”

Probably end his career? Does Rondo know this is a case of tendonitis and loose cartilage? Unless….wait  a minute….is KG's injury more severe than the Celtics are letting on? Impossible.

PS – John is going to beat the hell out of me for stoking the fires on the KG injury.

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  • G4L

    Honestly as long as the C’s can play him about 25 minutes a night in the Playoffs I think we’ll be ok.

  • tuka

    This sorta makes me sick to my stomach. I can’t help getting the feeling that this is a case of a young player leaking something he shouldn’t have leaked.

  • Danno

    I have a feeling this is more over-reaction from a younger guy who is maybe getting sick of every reporter asking them 40 times a day how they are going to win without KG, when they HAVE BEEN winning without KG.

  • rcry

    tuka, I don’t think it’s the case that rondo leaked something he shouldn’t have leaked… the audio clip from which that quote was taken from, is now posted on the audio archive.

  • Doctor Hardwood

    Any chance this is a Rondo April Fools joke?

  • Nickels

    It could be a strategic move to “trick” other teams into thinking he’s not healthy (ala Bill Belichick).
    But if he’s really injured to that extent, there is a lot more than loose cartilage….