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Relax, Paul’s Got It Covered

RedsArmyAdmin April 1, 2009 Uncategorized 5 Comments

Man, I cannot believe how crazy people are going over KG's knee.  He's gonna be OK.  And no matter what, we can lean on The Truth:

Looks KG gonna b out another week or two but have no fear 34 is still here

Damn right.

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  • http://www.jameyburke.blogspot.com kobewearsapurplethong

    THANK YOU! People over at the Boston.com Celts blog are doing everything but burying KG and the Green. Have some faith people. KG is a warrior. If there is a way he can play in the postseason, he will. If his body can’t go, it can’t go-period. But don’t everyone freak out. Hate to use this example, but Bynum went down and the other Lakers rallied around Kobe and are obviously succeeding-we are no different. I’m not dumb-I know w/out KG our chances at repeating are slim and none, and slim is probably out of town, but P2, Ray and company are far from done.

  • LA Native C’s Fan

    I’ve been reading the doom and gloom blogs and I thought more news had come out involving surgery but couldn’t find it anywhere. Did I miss something other than Doc’s comment’s about shutting him down until the last three games of the season (which is four games away)?

  • Baron

    I love you paul
    Youve been the man this season..no matter what happens you’ve been the truth.

  • holla

    did paul pierce save you before garnett and ray got there? didnt think so

  • Lakers aint shit until they dethrone us..

    alright! you said it pierce! we can do this getting banner 18 would be sweet… if we defeated the cavs and magics and the fakers with or without KG.