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Some Late Night Links

RedsArmyAdmin March 31, 2009 Uncategorized 5 Comments on Some Late Night Links

We've been knee deep in Twitter and dancers… which is kinda the product of a Celtics off-day.  But there are a few lingering things out there worth passing along.

As far as my ankles, they are better. Just to be cautious, I still get treatment on them every day. I get taped real good before the games, so I'm pretty coo. I would have to say that I'm ready for the playoffs-it seems like the season went by fast this year.

Good news.

  • I've found the one thing the Atlanta Hawks are good at:  Amusing videos.  Here's their version of why Lucky got fired.

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  • Nate

    i want Leon… I admire Glen Davis’ hustle and performance… but he tries to do too much some times and it can hurt us.. and we have enough perimeter threats with KG ray and pierce so i think Leon would be a better choice because of his developing post game. KG can take that mid ranger all day… we dont need baby as much as leon

  • Jester00

    Would have been a great night for a podcast show

  • illantari

    The guys must be bored or something-Rondo’s blogging, PP’s tweeting, what next?

  • Eric

    I want big baby. his jumper is improving and his basketball iq is better. he is still immature to some degree. Powe is fun to watch but the more you watch him, the more you realize he has no game outside of 5 ft from the rim. it comes in handy, but a good big baby stretches the floor, which is what makes this team really great. plus, i think you see more emotion and intensity from big baby, something that will differentiate him from powe in the years to come.

  • jojo