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“Our goal is the last 3 games”

Doc had this on KG after practice today. (click here for video link)

"After watching him today we're just gonna shut him down until the soreness goes away. Our goal is the last three games."

That's not going to put anyone's mind at ease.  Neither is what Perk said:

"I could tell he's not 100%, he was limping, but he's a warrior. I'd take a 70% KG in the playoffs but we want him healthy."

Chad Finn of the Globe has some additional information.

"I just think we've got to be smart about it," Rivers said Sunday. "It's just like when somebody says somebody is going to be back in a week or two, that's not a guarantee. If a guy gets sore, do we play him because we say he's supposed to be back playing? You just use your common sense."

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  • Mizzle

    saw this coming a mile away, and yet i’m still so scared… hold me…

  • Jason

    Agree. This is and has been completely mishandled. Dude shouldn’t be near a court till the knee’s 100%. Freaking idiots. And now where does that leave this team’s title aspirations? Just horrible. I can’t describe how furious I am as a fan of this team, that they’ve gambled with a potential championship this way. Seriously, what’s the thought process and decision-making here? “Uh, yeah we have an elite team with a legit shot at another title, but um let’s let KG loose before he’s ready, sacrifice the title for a few March games.” Honestly, as a fan who’s followed this team all season, with these expectations to have it undermined at the very end in this manner is plain insulting. No else feels this way?

  • Danno

    He didn’t get hurt in the All Star Game. He got hurt 2 weeks later. Playing 10 minutes in the all star game didn’t cause this.
    stop it, you sound foolish.

  • DRJ

    All I know for sure is that the team is totally bullshitting us. It’s not now and never was a “muscle strain”. And this newest story line doesn’t make any sense either. Let’s see… he’s out for 6 WEEKS, comes back and is still not right, and now “oh, another 8-10 DAYS and he’ll be ready”. Sure… WHATEVER.
    It’s not clear to me that 50% of KG, or even 70%, is as valuable to this team as a 100% Baby/Powe combo. Our D takes a hit – but not a huge one if everyone does his job in the team scheme. And we lose 1-2 alleyoops per game. Oh, and a lot of chest thumping and mf bombs. What we gain is ENERGY, hustle, and recently, a lot of double-doubles.
    We better gets used to the idea that we may be going into battle without KG, certainly not with a 100% KG. If the Cs can still win it all… that will be something to see and remember forever.

  • Medicine isn’t an exact science. The doctors didn’t know how KG’s knee was going to respond. He rehabbed and rested and when they thought he was ready – he gave it a go. So the knee got sore. It’s not a matter of a conspiracy or incompetence. KG simply needs more rest.

  • JTB

    This like…. sucks, and stuff.

  • AMP

    I have a feeling he is much more injured then we know, and will likely have knee surgery during the off-season. They will probably fill him with meds to get through the playoffs. I think PP would play with muscle strain…

  • dave

    “Last time I checked, I’m the only one here who is actually a season ticket holder with more invested in this team than just a few T-shirts and a few tickets from the boss once a year.”
    Wow you’re a dick.


    Let’s just hope he’s okay for the playoffs and that the team will tread water til then. Pointing fingers at this point won’t help.

  • baron

    Surgery was an option fellas…not good…flat out, not good.
    Theres no chance he’ll be 100% for the playoffs, and youre flat out kidding yourself if you think otherwise…theres a 50/50 chance he doesnt play at all, and if he does it will pretty much easily swell up and he’ll be limping (like he has been most of the season) and be ineffective..
    this damages our chances (or destroys them)…KG basically should be calling it a season, but he’s refusing too under the tiny chance he’ll magically be healthy…well he wont be…
    the celtics will be a tough out, but that is impossible to overcome, and we’ll be lucky to make the 2nd round (there will be some serious confidence issues, uregency issues and just issues with the play on both sides of the ball)

  • Nickels

    There’s some ranting going on in here. Yikes.

  • Why can’t we be friends? Why can’t we be friends? Whyyyy can’t we beeee friends? Whyyyyyyyyyy Can’t Weeeeeeeeeee BEEEEEEEEE FRIENDSSSSSSSSSSS!

  • bring back gerald

    You can’t blame the Celtics for letting KG play in the All-Star game. We may be blowing this out of proportion. We’re thinking “ok knee strain, should be back 100% in a few weeks.” As long as there’s no structural damage (which I think they said), I’m not worried. So what if its lingering a little more than we thought it would? If its just soreness that’s keeping him out, who cares? They are just trying to play it safe, I have no doubt that hes gonna play in the playoffs and hes gonna be fine.
    And if not, maybe DRJ is right, Big Baby/Animal/Beast/Frankenstein will cement his legacy as the worst starter on a championship winning team. Just kidding. He’s been solid, as long as he keeps his confidence he’ll keep being solid. Mikki is coming on strong, Starbury is hitting shots and I love how he sees the floor. There are a lot of positives that we are overlooking because everyone is so worried about KG. I’m more worried about the rest of the team continuing to play solid basketball down the strech, for Moore and Marbury to get further integrated, to see Pierce and Allen get some rest, and hopefully Billy Walker play well because we might need him for the playoffs too.

  • Ryan (UNH)

    Sounds like every1 is antsy for the playoffs.

  • PxFunk

    “Not a sentence written has probably ever impacted the play on the court or an administrative decision, just like my screaming, cheering and caring never has either.”

  • Orb

    Where was this kind of outrage when Aminda was voted off?!
    On to tomorrow’s opponent then. Apparently the Bobcats were just invited to the NIT: http://www.theonion.com/content/news_briefs/charlotte_bobcats_seeded