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Dancer Madness: The Elite 8

It took a couple of nail-biters (both votes finished 53% to 47%), but our last two dancers have moved into the Elite 8. Alicia of the Wizards and Kayla of the Suns have advanced.


So now we're down to 8 dancers.  4 on each side.  Here's where it gets really tough.  Top seed, and local gal Alison Preston is going to have to face the Cinderella story, Charlotte's Natasha.

Alison – Celtics



Natasha – Bobcats


In the West… it's top seed Jessica, of the Mavs, taking on Jocelyn of the Jazz

Jessica – Mavericks


Jocelyn – Jazz

Jocelyn Jazz Dancer

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  • who da guy

    this does not make sense to me. Does anyone else think the celtics girl looks like a tranny. I mean that nose is just not right. And jocelyn is way hotter then the other girl,. i don’t understand this voting process

  • Tim (FD)

    Agree with you ‘who da guy’. Allison and Jessica have weird faces. Glad to see Natasha making the comeback though…. she’s always been a second-half player.
    John and Chuck, what do you think about trying to get the four dancers who make the Final Four on a call-in show? They can tell the readers a little more about themselves, and that information can be used to help determine the ultimate champion. It would be great entertainment for the readers and great publicity for the site.
    And if you’re looking for a camera-man or a technician for the show… you know my email address.

  • ello

    Natasha’s face is ugly too tho