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Dancer Madness – Tough Choices

The days of blowouts might be over in our Dancer Madness brackets.  Golden State's Alexis might have pulled off the last of the dominating wins.  Even Miami's Nikki, a clear favorite among the commenters, had a tougher than expected time with Erin of Orlando.

Alexis Warriors Dancerhpg0607_swimsuitshoot_nikki21

Now onto the really nitty gritty of the competition.


Amanda (Cleveland)



Natasha (Charlotte)


In the West:

Jocelyn – Jazz

Jocelyn Jazz Dancer


Annika – Lakers


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  • Fsantos33

    Amanda and Natasha have sexy bodies but nobody can beat Jocelyn’s Camel toe – Nice!

  • G4L

    If Natasha is Ugly, then what does that make Sheryl Miller? Alien? By the way there is no way in hell anyone will beat Alexis, she’s perfect.

  • reds-I think the fine line that seperates Natasha from Amanda is Natasha’s smooth, olive skin-I for one love a girl w/a great tan. Amanda’s a bit pasty. A tan hottie wins over a pale hottie everytime. Anyone else feelin’ me on that..?

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Does it really matter? Nikki is the Champ, game over.