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Rondo Dismisses Hawks

RedsArmyAdmin March 27, 2009 Uncategorized 5 Comments on Rondo Dismisses Hawks

“I don’t think much of it really,” he said. “I don’t like to talk trash, but in my eyes it’s not a rivalry. I don’t know if anybody else looks at it as a rivalry. People consider Cleveland a rival. We just went seven with Atlanta. That’s about it.”

Suck on that, Hawks.  Just for fun, here's him torching Atlanta.

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  • ryguy35

    LOVE IT. if we win another title, i dno how anyone can say Rondo isnt the team’s mvp this season

  • bigbad&green

    if the C’s catch an L tonight what will the story be? The REFS?

  • Baron

    I dont know if its a rivalry or not, seems more or less like it is and the celtics dont wanna own up to it, and think theyre too good for a rivalry with the inferior hawks…take care of buisness and this isnt an issue, but fact is you let those idiots take you to 7 games which was tottally unnacceptable…
    Theres almost no chance this is going to be an enjoyable game tonight from a celtics fans persective, and i have no idea why you’d even bother playing rondo or anyone whos hurting or fatigued…time to except being a 3 seed,..u dig ur hole now lay in it

  • NewsFlashMike
    too bad marvin is out so he can’t do this again to the lil fellow..

  • 11rings

    NewsFlashMike – No wonder you want a brawl, since your team can’t beat the Celtics at basketball. You’re a real classy guy.