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Dancer Madness – Now It Gets Tough

Half the dancers have been eliminated after two dominating performances yesterday.  Here are our winners:

Erin – Orlando and Alexis-Warriors

erinAlexis Warriors Dancer

Now we're moving on to our second bracket.  Here's where it will get tough.


Allison – Celtics



Aminda – Pacers


In the West, it's a battle of Texas:

Jessica – Mavericks



Julie – Rockets

Julie Rockets Dancer

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  • Fsantos33

    Coach Van Gundy talking about us – LOL

  • Yeah…I saw the comments from Van Gundy. I’ve got a nice ole blog post coming his way in a few hours.

  • Ryan (UNC)

    Hey Van Gundy you guys lost Nelson and replaced him with Rafer Alston…. what else am i missing from your grueling season?

  • I’m surprised 20 people have even voted for her.

  • Orb

    Damn. I’ve got to find 130 people to vote for Aminda ASAP.