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Powe Out ‘Till Playoffs?

Greg Dickerson put out an update on KG and Leon:

KG to play 8 minutes 1st and 3rd qt tonight. Leon maybe out til the playoffs. More on Pregame Live at 730.

I wonder what's really wrong with Leon's knee.  They've been very quiet about that… and I don't like it one bit.

And I'm not pushing for KG to rush back and play more than he should, but I wonder when we're going to move past the 7 or 8 minutes per half plan.


Marc J. Spears reports KG's workload will soon be increased

ORLANDO — Celtics coach Doc Rivers said this morning at the team's shootaround that forward Kevin Garnett will still play about seven minutes in both the first and third quarters tonight against the Magic, but his workload will probably be increased by four minutes in the second and fourth quarters next week.

He also reports Tony Allen is joining the team on the road trip and is possibly 2 weeks away from returning.

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  • Double p reppin the b

    I’ve actually heard donny Marshall sayin that scals career could be over

  • DRJ

    Fyi — The American Academy of Neurology has guidelines for management of concussion in athletes. There’s also a couple of other sets of guidelines from other organizations. ALL OF THEM state that after a third concussion — even if it’s a grade 1 concussion — the season must be terminated. (And Scal’s third concussion might have been grade 2, because he seemed to lose consciousness for a moment…. but that doesn’t matter in terms of treatment.)
    They’re not letting him even run yet because of the impact trauma that might cause to his brain. There is NO WAY Scal is coming back this season, no way in hell. He should be OK for next season though. Some people believe the brain will always be more susceptible after 3 concussions in a row… but that’s less clear. If his symptoms are all gone he should be back.

  • dave

    Fuck man. Like I said before, this sucks even more because Leon really found his rhythm and was fire before he went down. Now he’s going to have to shake rust off in the playoffs.

  • baron

    of course this comes at a time when he was playin his best basketball maybe of his career…UGH, who knows what we’ll gett from him for the rest of the season. potentially rustiness or nothing…kiinda weird though, didnt he re-enter that same game when he injured? what did he actually injure it twice in that game? who knows with the way the celtics have been with info on the players injuries this season

  • thetitleisours

    Jesteroo, I think Scal should play with a FOOTBALL helmet on. Seems to me they are trying to intentionally hurt him