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What’s Wrong with Paul Pierce?

Paul Pierce's scoring over the past three games: 9 (3-16FG) vs SA, 6 (2-6FG) vs Memphis and 9 (3-7FG) vs LA. Is he tired, secretly-injured or just in a slump?

"I don't think he had a lot of energy," Rivers said. "I told our coaches at halftime I was going to try to get him out earlier in the third quarter and pray – I actually said that – that we wouldn't have to put him back in."

"He's human. Like all the great ones, they go through a couple games where timing – sometimes the ball just doesn't go in."

Pierce played just 31 minutes last night. Wth KG back in the fold and Ray Allen looking like a 26-year-old, I'm guessing (hoping) that Doc will try harder to get Pierce rest over the final 2-3 weeks of the regular season. The Truth may be tired and slumping, but John loves him more than ever.

Pierce proved that he could still score 30-plus if he wants to.  Pierce proved that he could still, when everyone is hurt, put his cape back on and carry the Celtics.  But unlike a lot of the game's "superstars," Pierce isn't so selfish that he can't give things up with other stars around.  Let's just say if he had Shaq, he wouldn't have blown it.

Gotta love the shot at Kobe.

The Magic rallied to beat the Knicks last night and remain one game back of the Celtics in the race for #2. With the season series 1-1, the winner of Wednesday night's battle will hold the tie breaker. Update – Celtics lead season series 2-1. The game between them was March 8th when the Celtics (without Rondo, KG) played horribly, fell behind by 22, rallied to cut the lead to 3 late in the 4th but still lost.

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More pics from last night's game after the jump….

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  • ThatGuyOverTheOcean

    Just a note… aren’t we 2-1 against Orlando?

  • AMP

    There is nothing wrong with Pierce!

  • Yes….we are 2-1 against the Magic. I will fire that intern.

  • Fsantos33

    Quick footnotes from last night’s game – It almost made me fall asleep zzzzzzz… Tommy said “Is anybody awake or are you awake?” We got the Win that matters most.
    Mikki Moore? Dude confuses the hell out of me. Can he actually guard ANYONE without fouling? And stop making that face like is not him that fouled the guy. Moore drew a charge last night and turned to the ref and you can read his lips “Finally” he said this in a mocking way. Does he think this is going to help his reputation on defense. Anyway, just wanted to throw it out there.
    Nice to see Marbury draining that 3… he is due for a breakout game sooner or later.
    John I agree, Orlando is no beast – Perk will keep Howard in check and all we need to do is guard the 3 pt line and they are toast.