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The KG Playoff Promo

RedsArmyAdmin March 22, 2009 Uncategorized 4 Comments on The KG Playoff Promo

Can you believe the playoffs begin in less than a month?

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  • I left a Twitter response to this, but what was the NBA thinking with these commercials? The music is very average, and the highlights are very average. I know you posted it because it is a KG commercial, but the NBA really dropped the ball on this ad campaign.
    It looks like some youtubers creation. It does not look like an NBA commercial.

  • papa irish

    i disagree any time the nba has a commercial that doesnt make you think, well that was the most retarded thing i have ever seen, then it is an overwhelming success

  • double P reppin the B

    Yee I was at that game I remember when he dunked that ball the place was absolutely insane. SO SICK cannot wait for the playoffs!!

  • davecowens

    Chills. Bring on Philly or Chicago.