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Powe Out… Ray Might Be Too

Danny Ainge was just on WEEI giving the player updates we've been waiting all day for… and it's not good.

  • Leon Powe is out for tonight.
  • Ray Allen is probably out, but he left the door open.  He did say Ray's arm stiffened overnight.
  • Rondo should be able to go.
  • And Big Baby might be ready to go.

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  • Connor

    ahahah Fuck no

  • bigbad&green

    so if the C’s lose will it be cause the ability of the players may not be able to overcome Wades ability or can we blame it on the refs already?
    i just looked at the fakeshow nation post lose report and no one is blaming the lose on anything but the players/coach.
    I know really last years title was a very long time coming but blaming the refs is something fakers fans don’t seem to do as prolific as our fans do.